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The Erotic Adventures of Mandy Love: chapter 10: Mandy Go’s International

Posted: 3 months ago - Nov 09, 2023

The Erotic Adventures of Mandy Love: chapter 10: Mandy Go’s International


Disclosure: The following erotic story contains descriptions of explicit fictional and nonfictional sexual content The likes of which may stimulate some and offend others so anyone not interested in reading such content or would be offended by it should stop reading and quit this page immediately. Any and all acts described in this story are either fictional or were between consenting adults of legal age to consent in all jurisdictions in which no acts described violated any applicable laws.



Mandy’s erotic adventures continue during her Thanksgiving Day holiday on an international trip she would remember forever.


I had been given a first class ticket to Zurich, a credit card with a 5 figure credit limit to go on a pre-flight shopping spree for clothes and accessories for a luxury weekend gig, and an address in Zurich. That was it. I trusted my Guardian Mistress and when she said ‘go’, I said ‘when’. I just eased myself into the plush first class cabin seat for the mid-day flight . 


My mind was wandering on why all the mystery for this gig when I noticed her. I sat by the window and with my thick, soft, silky brunette hair back lit by the window, turned my head and noticed the first class cabin flight attendant. She  was easily the hottest mid-20s girl I had ever seen on a plane, and she was in a nearly skin tight uniform, a turn on for me. A hip slimming skirt with a slit up the left side, a white blouse underneath a military style waist coat jacket with piping indicating that she was a captain, of what I did not know. Her jacket was zipped up half way and her blouse was unbuttoned so that just the right amount of cleavage was on display.  I was sure that her hot pink lipstick, dark eye liner, extra long eye lashes, and darker eye shadow mascara was not regulation, but who checks that stuff anyway.


In addition to the pure white, plush  full length mink jacket,  and skimpy outfits I had purchased and packed for the trip, I was wearing a mid-thigh length, tight, red  leather miniskirt and had decided to go with a matching red leather micro thong gaff. The micro gaff was so low cut that my faux vaginal cleft from my jewels tucked high up with my clit tucked well back was almost visible at a certain angle as I sat down with my skirt riding up my tone, tan thighs.   I chose a hot pink silk stretchy skin tight spaghetti strap halter top which was designed with special breast sleaves to allow me to go braless, accentuating my full, 32D perky breasts as it supported, lifted and created the perfect cleavage, to say nothing about how my nipples would show through the thin fabric if they hardened. The top highlighted my tiny waist as it covered the top of my hip height skirt.  The full length mink jacket was a slim fit which accentuated my hour glass figure when buttoned up, but I had let it fall loose around me, like a blanket on which I could play for the flight. I had buttoned it up while walking through the airport to minimize the effect I had on all the men in the first class lounge. No stockings as I enjoyed the feel of the soft mink fur on my bare legs. I completed the ensemble with red patent leather strappy 3 inch heeled sandals. Yeah, I looked like a hooker with my flawless makeup, flashy new jewelry I got for the trip,  and my freshly washed an styled hair, but WTF, I was one of the best, and with all the mystery with this ultra secretive client, I figured I was being watched on my journey to meet him or her at some point along the route. Who knows, it could be the flight attendant.


My flight attendant was a very sweet and hot red head with the most amazing body. When we were finally wheels up, she leaned over and asked me in a half whisper, “Hi, I’m Julie , I’ll be your flight attendant. I know you aren’t old enough, but would you like a glass of wine?

I smiled and her and whispered back, “Julie, I love that name. I will have Crystal Champagne, chilled to 5C degrees, in a chilled baccarat flute please.“


As I locked eyes with her, I pulled my mink coat apart, spread my legs wide, causing my short skirt to ride up my hips further, exposing my bald, smooth, T Girl pleasure zone between my legs, highlighting my red thong gaff. I noticed that her eyes like a heat seeking missile guidance system moved to my red thong gaff and lingered. 


“of course Miss Love. Immediately Miss Love.” Her beautiful brown eyes could not break contact with my red gaff which barely hid my young hairless T Girl clit. 

Leaning a bit further to show off her ample cleavage to me, “Well then…” she said, meeting my eyes again, “Just in case we are out of Crystal, would Dom Perignon suffice?” 


“No, I think it will be Crystal, don’t you? Julie?”


  her cheeks suddenly flushed, “Then Crystal it is.” The plane just then lurched with some turbulence and she lost her balance. She stabilized by putting her right hand between my legs on the seat, grazing my tucked clit on her way down. No doubt, she felt it, the heat, the straining clit trying to engorge, my smooth, firm inner thigh skin. 


“”so sorry Miss Love.”


I reached down and held her forearm, pulling it into my crotch, and wiggling my hips to grind on her hand, making her lean further over me and allowing me to blow a soft kiss right down her cleavage.


“What is your passion my pet”


“P, passion? Well, serving my guest, of course, serving you, Miss Love.” I still did not release her arm.


“Well Julie, is it? I love that your passion will be to service me on this flight! As for me, you can count on the space between my legs to help you not only service me, but to keep you safe on this flight.” I had to wink as I said that.


She was stunned with something like a “Well, I never, ever,” look on her face, but it quickly turned back into that million dollar smile.


“Thank you Miss Love. I will be sure to reach between your legs again should things need stabilizing during the flight.” She winked back and left to get my champagne.


When she returned, she showed me the bottle.


I threw out a ridicules request with my champagne order, but God Damn if Julie did not find a chilled bottle of vintage Crystal Champagne, and even a frosted baccarat crystal champagne flute into which she would pour the golden, clear liquid. Just to prove the point that she would be my go to girl for the flight.  Coincidence or preparation. I was intrigued.


“May I?” 


I gestured for her to continue and in a very suggestive, and completely inappropriate manner, she lifted up her skirt, put the bottle between her bare thighs, took off the wire wrap, and slowly twisted the cork like she was jacking off a cock between her legs. My mouth parted in initial astonishment, but quickly I recovered. It was not like me to be surprised like that.


She took the Baccarat flute and held it below the mouth of the bottle, and like she was peeing, she poured a small amount of the golden liquid into the glass, then offered it up to me, not flinching at all with the cold bottle pressed up between her inner thighs

 I just smiled, a sly smile, took the glass and locked eyes with her as I brought the flute to my lips, swallowing the contents. I nodded my approval. She took the glass from me, and again “peed” into the flute with more of the expensive champagne, placing the now full glass expertly on the cloth napkin on my tray. She lifted up the bottle, put it in an ice bucket she brought and pulled down her skirt, smoothing it out in a feeble attempt to regain some dignity.


she twisted the bottle of vintage Crystal champagne in the ice bucket and put it on the floor to my left, next to the window, This meant that each time she came back to pour more into my flute, she would have to bend way over my lap, almost across my lap, as she reached for the bottle. I felt her breasts through her uniform rest on my bare leg as she put the ice bucket on the floor. She had put so little champagne in my flute that I knew she would need to return soon to pour me more of the fabulous golden nectar.  â€˜Why wait’, I said to myself.


“Will there be anything more, Miss Love?” She made a point of saying this as she was completely bent over, legs straight, back arched, tits grazing my leg, in a please fuck me from behind, or at least spank my ass,  position.


“Well, after a few glasses of this, I might need you to demonstrate all of the features of the first class bathroom. Would you be up for that, Julie, is it?”


I flashed her again by shrugging my shoulders to allow my mink coat to fall off my shoulders, exposing my bare skin in the strappy top. I put on display my beautiful breasts, captured in the expertly engineered halter top, with nipples now beginning to harden . I spread my thighs to cause my skirt to ride up further onto my waist and again give her a close up view of my T Girl love zone between my legs. I loved the thrill of flashing this beautiful woman and pondered my next move. She had passed the first test, It was a mid-day flight and first class was nearly empty except a few senior couples near the front of the section. . 


As I watched Julie begin to straighten up, her eyes on my tits,  I reached up with my right hand and pinched my left nipple so that it stood prominently from my full breast, letting out an audible sigh as the engorged nipple showed through the fabric of my halter top. 


I was aware that Julie was licking her lips over my hardening nipples. I took another sip  to empty the flute and then placed the glass on my napkin. â€œMmmm, delicious. I think I need some more. Will you have some with me?” I lifted my leg slightly as she  straightened up, her face directly above my crotch so that she could see down directly at my splayed legs, my micro thong gaff straining to keep my clit tucked. 

“w,well, Mis Love, I am not allow to drink on duty, you know, regulations, and all.”


“Of course, sure. Before you go, however, would you please refill my glass.” I shot her my million dollar smile and winked.


Yes, right away.”


She again, bent over, making sure to rest her breasts on my bare thigh, more obviously this time,  as she reached over to grab the bottle in the ice bucket. She lingered a bit and I took the opportunity to snake my right hand up between her legs and trace a finger along her thong panty which was moist. I worked my middle finger under her thong panty to capture some of her wetness on the tip of my finger and then withdrew my hand as she stood up to pour more champagne. 


She smiled as I brought my finger to my hot pink lips and sucked it into my mouth, like I was giving a mini blow job. 


“Delicious.” I whispered


“The champagne?” She asked.


“what else?” I responded with a “why what could you be talking about” look on my cute, innocent looking young face.


As she leaned over to put the bottle back in the ice bucket, she dipped her head and took a long lick along my bare slender neck. 

“If you want more of that turn left ahead and enter the attendants washroom in exactly 25 minutes. “ she hissed into my ear, letting her tongue trace the inside of my ear. Then she stood up and moved back to her station. I admired her tight, firm, muscular, pert ass as she stepped sensually down the aisle.  

I checked my watch and felt my clit tingle with anticipation. Both couples were fast asleep when I saw Julie move out of sight. This was my cue to enjoy as much of the champagne as possible in the next 25 minutes. Nothing like a Crystal champagne buzz to start out a sex session at high altitude.  


After precisely 25 minutes, and two thirds of a $1000 bottle of champagne, I moved quickly up the aisle and entered through the door with the sign “ Flight Attendants Only.”

As soon as I entered Julie was on me, she had already removed all of her clothes. She was gorgeous, firm body, perky tits, hard nipples, and a flush to her chest to indicate that she was genuinely aroused.  She took me in her arms and pressed her full, firm breasts with cute upturned hard nipples  into me as her tongue slipped into my mouth and we kissed passionately for what seemed like 20 minutes, but was probably 2. Her hands were around my neck, up into my silky hair and pulling me into a lovers embrace.   My hands traced her slender back and tight round ass, then squeezed the firm flesh of her ass cheeks, pulling her in close, wrapping my legs around her tiny waist. 


“Oh fuck I must be crazy,” said Julie as if in a panic, “You are so young but fuck such a hot slut. Show me your T Girl clit and your love hole, you little bitch.”

How did she know that her attempt to take control was such a turn on for me. And how did she know I was a T Girl. A  spy of the wealthy client, I was sure now, especially with the heavy make up.  


I pulled up my skirt, hooked a finger on each side of my gaff, pulled it down, and let it fall to my feet. I stepped out with my left foot, but lifted up my right toe with the gaff dangling from it. I raised my tow all the way to her face in an amazing demonstration of gymnastic  ability, She bit the bait and looked like a puppy with a red chew toy in her mouth when she grabbed my gaff with her teeth. . 


I quickly unzipped my skirt, pulled off my halter top and saw her eyes widen as she took in the full view of my gorgeous naked body in front of her. 


I scooted up on the sink,  propped myself up on it, and spread my legs allowing my clit to swing free and begin to engorge. 


“You like sweet teen clit huh?” 

She dropped the gaff into her hand and put it on the counter. â€œOh fuck I’ve never done this before to a T Girl so young but I have to have you.” With that she circled my narrow thighs with her arms and let her tongue stroke my hot and hardening clit again and again, making sure to engulf my clit head in her warm mouth each time she got to the head.   The feeling was so intense that I just let her tongue dance all over my clit head and shaft. The champagne buzz was hitting me now and this multiple mile high sex session was almost like an outer body experience. 


While she engulfed my clit head in her wet mouth, she put two fingers together and began to explore my anal star. She paused, lifted up her fingers to my mouth, Nothing needed to be said. I sucked them hungrily into my mouth, lubricated them with my saliva, and then she brought them back down to work them into my tight T Girl pussy.  She swirl her tongue around my large erect clit head and it was driving me wild as she expertly found my anal G Spot  with her long fingers and attacked it with as much vigor as she was suckling my clit with her mouth.  I caught a glimpse of her in the wall mirror behind her and it was beyond erotic, her naked, bent over, firm ass wiggling with excitement, head bobbing on my clit, my hands in her red hair, urging her on, my tits on full display above her head. I made a mental note of the imagery for later. 


“Oh fuck you taste so good, I have a young T Girl neighbor your age who watches my cats and I’ve always wanted to explore sexual boundaries with her, fuck, now I will seduce the hot little slut, just like I am seducing you.” 


Julie pushed my clit deep in her mouth, passing the back of her throat and allowing me to enter her throat as she continued to work my anal G Spot with her twisting fingers. Heaven. I bit my tongue, not wanting to attract attention with my moans. Julie certainly knew what she was doing. She deep throated me as she fucked my anal star with her fingers. Then she circled her quick tongue over my hard clit  head and into my pee hole before slipping it deep inside her throat again, pushing her fingers deeper inside my tight ass at the same time.


“Lick my fingers slut,’ Julie  whispered as she brought the fingers which had been deep in my ass to my lips. She pushed two fingers into my mouth. I sucked on them coating them with my saliva until they were dripping again. 

“You want this don’t you, to have your tight teen T Girl pussy fucked on an airplane, you are such a little slut, I love it!” Julie in a harsh whisper hissed to me. 

“Fuck yes, “ I sighed, “ Fill my tight ass with your fingers, deep throat my clit, make me cum you bitch, fuck me!”

Julie immediately added a third finger to the twisting mix, pressed them half way in my star, then spit on my star and slammed them in the rest of the way, stretching me. My body jerked with the force of it. Julie began to pump in and out of me, as her tongue lashed out at my clit, nibling on my clit head and swirling her tongue all around my clit shaft. 


She then focused her tongue on the soft sensitive skin under my clit head. She Flicked at it and then trapping some of the skin between her soft lips and sucked it into her mouth, nibbling on the skin with her teeth as she did so. 

I wished I was her cat sitter; I would stay at her place every weekend, be her good little sex kitten. I pulled on her luscious red hair and she moaned on my clit, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I loved the smoothness of her fingers stroking inside me, she knew just the spot on my anal tunnel wall that sets me on edge, and brings me off. 

“What the fuck are you doing to me?”

I didn’t think I could hold out much longer and then she slipped a fourth finger inside me, it was too much I cried out with discomfort then as she continued to slam the fingers in and out of me I felt my T Girl pussy grab her fingers and draw them deeper into me. 


 Her vacuum of a mouth was sucking hard in anticipation of my climax. I wanted this, I needed this and she was about to make me squirt cum in her mouth. 

My body was out of control and then I felt her sharp teeth close in on my hyper-sensitive clit head, she was grinding it gently back and forth like a slippery apple seed  on my pee hole, I could take no more. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her lovely face down onto my clit as her fingers pushed into my ass to the hilt. The cum explosion forced all 4 of her fingers out of my tight anal star, and the shot of cum splashed onto the back of her mouth, quickly being swallowed down her throat.


Julie’s lips closed around my clit head to seal in the creamy goodness and her mouth then took the full blast of my creamy T Girl juice.

She continued to flick her tongue over my clit and I knew I was about to come again  in a double, back to back orgasm. I have rarely had back to back orgasms, as I have to be really turned on, and this was just one of those special moments. This time Julie opened her mouth and took streams of my shooting cum onto her tongue  to show off her oral talents as I looked down and locked eyes with her. My cum shots went straight into her waiting mouth, on her tongue an back to her throat. My ass was slipping and sliding all over the metal counter and I bit into my hand to stop from screaming.

Before I could even recover Julie had lifted my convulsing body and placed me on the toilet lifting my still rock hard clit so that it pointed straight up. She immediately straddled my thighs, lowered her dripping cunt onto my clit and began grinding  down until in just seconds, my 25cm love pole was buried deep within her warm inviting cunt .

This was a fun sensation for me, my eyes grew wide as Julie looked down on me dominating my body, lifting my narrow ass so my clit would make better contact with her cunt, also making sure that her clit was rubbed as she bottomed out on my clit. 

“You little fucking slut, flashing your hot little T Girl clit on my airplane, getting me all Horney and wet, I’m going to fuck you like the cunt slut you are.”

I couldn’t get over the power of Julie’s body as she bore down on me, slapping her cunt onto my pelvis, impaling herself onto my clit, trying her best not to make any sounds but her expression was priceless as she was in full lust. 

Our pelvises grinding and slamming together , making slippery, wet sounds. My hard clit was so sensitive from the double orgasms only a moment earlier and my clit head was throbbing deep within Julie’s cunt with every thrust. I knew I was going to somehow cum again but I wanted to cum with Julie this time.


I reached my arm around Julie’s thin waist  and  twisted my index and middle fingers into Julie’s humping anal star. It was the spark which I knew would ignite her climax.

At first I had trouble finding the moving target yet once my finger tips penetrated her tight ass hole, Julie did the rest of the work herself with each plunge of her cunt onto my clit, my finger sank deeper into her hot ass. 

I groaned as Julie’s thrust became almost animal like her grunts coming from deep within her. She leaned back pressing her cunt hard onto my large clit as her ass hole swallowed my fingers and in an instant, an orgasmic shock wave moved through her body and she impaled her cunt onto my clit with such force I thought for a moment I would fly from the toilet. 

“”You bitch, hot little cunt!” was all Julie could get out as a second torrent of squirting girl cum flushed out of her cunt and washed over my tight little body. Finally I felt my climax release sending a another spray of T Girl cum into Julie’s tight cunt.


It seemed like a long time she sat on my lap, straddling my legs on the toilet, exhausted, spent, buzzed,  until finally Julie herd the pilots’ voice and she immediately jumped into action getting dressed in what seemed like seconds. She smiled at me, and kissed me hard on the mouth. Get dressed and when I knock go straight back to your seat.”

I couldn’t believe I had just had sex on an airplane with a flight attendant. Sure, many clients have fucked me on airplanes in the past to realize their mile high club fantasy, but not a woman flight attendant, never a triple orgasm in 3 minutes, and never a captain, or was she. And it was amazing.


I quickly wiped things up, put back on my gaff, tucked, dressed,  and straightened up my make up. Soon, I heard the knock and slipped back to my seat.

Julie came by once more to refill my champagne glass and I could tell that she was flushed, when she bent over to grab the bottle, lingering, again, in hope that I might finger her one last time. I did and could feel my cum oozing out of her sloppy, puffy pussy barely covered by her saturated thong panty. 


Again, I licked my finger clean while she watched, and all she could do is shake her head and whisper, “ you fucking bitch, you have ruined me. I will fantasize about you for the rest of my life.”


In my head I responded ‘You, and all the rest,’ but just smiled and blew her a kiss.


The rest of the flight was uneventful. I noticed that  when I got off the plane, there was a card stuffed into my jacket pocket  It was a phone number and Julie’s name. She had written, “Cum and visit me …you are so fucking hot…I mean it really, I want to see you again!” “yeah, right” I said to no one. â€œNo way you could afford me.”

It was late in Zurich when I landed. The limo driver found me as I exited immigration and customs, whisked me into the luxury automobile and asked if I needed any champagne. I waived him off and without another word, we were off.


It turned out that the address I had given to the limo driver was a luxury high rise condo building downtown, overlooking the lake.


I was ushered into the opulent lobby and guided to the private elevator to the Penthouse floor. â€œof course”, I said again to no one.  The elegant valet handed me a gold access card and winked. â€œYou will need this to come and go Miss Love.” I had been profiled. Kind of creepy and kind of sexy.


The Elevator opened directly into the posh condo with a 270 degree view of the glittery lights over the city and lake. I smiled at the plaque on the wall indicating that the unit was number 69.


I rolled my tulle carryon inside and looked around. Not bad. I was tired, and thought again of Julie’s pussy grinding on my clit which sent a shiver through my body.


The plush bed  in the master suite looked comfortable, and I could hardly wait to get into it. I was not sure when my client would arrive, but assumed that it would be tomorrow.


My cell phone rang. “Hello?”


“Yes,” I answered.

It was the client. A female voice. I shivered again with the images of Julie fucking three orgasms out of me in a matter of minutes. 


“It’s Lena from the office. All the hotels are booked with the big convention in town, so it looks like I’ll be rooming with you tonight and for the weekend. I hope that is OK.” 


An interesting approach. A fantasy of hers, no doubt, to act like we were forced to be together in the condo.


“OH!” I sounded surprised, “No, I don’t mind at all.” I love getting into character for clients.


“I’m waiting downstairs in the lobby. Will you send the private elevator down for me please?” 


“ Of course, Lena, is it, Of course Lena. I will send it right down.”


I went back to the foyer and quickly reviewed the scene. There were security cameras everywhere, and I could even see a gorgeous woman standing in the lobby in front of the private elevator entrance. She was a classic beauty, more than 3 times my age, but whose counting anything but the money these days.


I activated the elevator to go to the lobby and quickly found a guest bathroom to freshen up.


My heart was immediately beating rapidly as I mentally prepared for what was to come of this evening.   In the 2 minutes I had to prepare, I freshened up, fluffed my hair, straightened my micro gaff, spritzed some Angel perfume, even injected a shot of coconut oil in my tight anal star,   and added some hot pink lip gloss. I looked into the mirror and looked hot, exactly what Lena had paid for.


“Well isn’t this cozy,” Lena joked as she walked into the luxury condo, found me in the master bathroom and patted the king sized oval bed as she sat down and crossed her legs.


Perfect make up, perfect body, or at least what I could see of it. A slightly scented accent to her cultured voice. An expensive diamond pendant neckless and matching earrings, and no wedding ring. Her French tip nails were red and sharp.. I could smell that she, too, was wearing Angel perfume, a good sign. An elegant dress suit with square shoulders and a tapered waist coat. I could not wait to see what was underneath.


“Well, I think we should have a drink. Without waiting for a response, Lena stood, walked over to the side of the bed and grabbed the bottle of vintage Crystal champagne I did not even notice before. I smiled at the fact that it was the exact same vintage as on the plane. Baccarat flutes, of course. Another smile.  The flight attendant was definitely a plant. I wondered if her card was an honest appeal to reconnect, or just part of the script.  


“Yes, please. I would love some.” In fact, I was still slightly buzzed from the plane champagne, but could use another glass or two.


“Cheers!” Lena said, as she handed me the flawless glass flute. We clinked our glasses and looked at each other  over the glasses as we took our first sips.


Lena talked about herself, an heiress to a massive fortune, and offered me a second glass of champagne. â€œDon’t worry, I know you are underage, but this is just too good to pass up” she said then flashed her beautiful smile. Lena revealed, that she had started in the family diamond business right out of college, and worked hard to earn the trust of her grandfather who started the company which was now a household name in the diamond business.  I was impressed.


“let me.” I said as I shrugged off my full length mink coat and walked over to the champagne bucket. I wanted to let Lena see what she had paid for, a sexy young, virile, T Girl with perky tits, a firm, tight body, great ass, long legs, perfect hair and make up, and yet, an easy way of mixing into any level conversation.  I filled up my flute and walked back to her.


“What about me?” 


I took a long pull on my flute, leaned in, pressed my lips to hers, and with practiced grace, kissed a mouthful of champagne into her mouth as I lined up my cleavage right at her eye level. She swallowed, but then stuttered: “W, why, I , oops,  , so sorry, t, that took me by surprise!”


“I love surprises. Don’t you?” What little I knew about the client was that this entire weekend was to be a surprise.


She softly smiled, an nodded as she shrugged off her expensive tailored suit jacket, revealing that she was wearing an elegant pink silk blouse underneath, with that over the top diamond pendant neckless which dipped into her cleavage with her sitting. It was mesmerizing.


I took her flute and filled it up again and handed it to her. Time to continue the fantasy.


“So, that convention in town. Sorry that all the hotels were filled. Glad I could be of assistance, but there is only one problem.”




“Only one bed.” I shyly said, taking another sip of champagne.

My heart thumped as I admired her beautiful sun streaked hair. I reached up and ran my fingers through my own silky soft brunet hair. I felt alive, and excited to be so close to Lena, in this luxury . condo, high atop Zurich. No jet lag for me.

Lena laughed a throaty laugh. She just looked at me and smiled. â€œWell, I guess we will just have to do the best we can.”


I glanced at her firm inner thighs and sighed not as silently as I would have liked, taking another sip from my glass an sitting down on the bed.


Lena slid over on the bed, sensually sliding her leather high heeled pumps off her feel and letting them drop to the floor. Lena started to slowly rub her lovely feet together, and I couldn’t help but watch.

I imagined the sensations generated by one lovely foot rubbing against the other, and a warm tingly feeling began to invade my clit. Did Lena know how aroused her foot rubbing was making me,


I could see red shining toe nails peeking through the sheer fabric of her pantyhose. I didn’t even like to wear pantyhose, as I am strictly a thigh high or nothing girl, but I loved the way it looked on Lena’s sexy feet and legs. The toe nails seemed to match her finger nails.

Suddenly I felt a bit under dressed in my cute, sexy, hooker outfit, hard nipples now clearly visible through my halter top. Was I what she had had in mind? Maybe she had wanted someone more elegant, older, more turned out in a long ball gown?


“if I had known I was going to have company, I would have got dressed up.” I shyly said, sipping more champagne, fishing for a compliment.


You are adorable, just perfect. That top, so tight yet it looks really comfortable, and your breasts, they seem to defy gravity even without a bra. How is that possible?”


Here is where I feed the fantasy. 


“Well, I am so young, and I keep really fit.” I flexed my pectoral  muscles and created even more cleavage for her viewing pleasure.  Then I cupped each of my breasts in the custom sleeved halter top, lifted them an let go. There was almost no bounce. Then I cupped my right breast, brought the nipple showing through the fabric up to my mouth and demonstrated with my long tongue that I could lick and suck my own nipples, but just paused with my glistening tongue fully extended, never actually touching my nipple. I did not want to soil the top, at least not yet.  Yes, I was exactly what she had wanted based on the lustful look on her face.

 â€˜Always leave them wanting more’ my Guardian Mistress would say.


Like a little school girl. I closed my eyes and took a large drink of champagne. This was such an awesome experience, it felt like all my fantasies were about to come true, and I was going to make 5 figures doing it.

I leaned back on the big, plush pillows on the bed, and watched Lena as she stood up, lifted her skirt to her waist, and slowly pulled her pantyhose down. I took a big gulp of air. I glimpsed the loveliest burgundy thong panties and how they hugged her hips her ass and I glimpsed the outline of her pussy between her firm, fit legs.

“So glad to get those off,.” Was her only comment.


Lena sat on the edge of the bed again and slid her pantyhose off, pointing her toes. She glanced up at me, catching my eyes move from her lovely legs.

There was that amazing smile again; Lena patted the bed beside her as she turned on the invisible sound system to start playing Light jazz. I couldn’t say “no”. She was my client, and the client is always right.


I joined her and removed my shoes as well. Our fingernails and tow nails almost matched perfectly. How did she know?

The music seemed to get sexier, and then Lena gave me a look that could only be described as sultry. 

I leaned in closer and smiled. 

“How do you like the company perks, so far, Mandy?” Lena asked in a husky voice,” her eyes narrowing in a sexy way.

I finally figured it out. Lena thought I worked for her company, somewhere, and there was, in fact, a diamond industry convention in Zurich at the moment, so it all fit. Her company was too large for her to know everyone and I could have just been an event planner in the Public Relations Department, working the convention. I decided to play along.


“I am  very lucky to have such a great Holiday job with such a generous company. I would do anything to keep it. Can I rub your feet boss?” I laughed nervously not expecting Lena to say yes but knowing that I fed her image of me as one of her employees.


She took another long pull an drained her champagne glass, handed it to me and scooted back on the bed so that just her feet were dangling over the edge. She closed her eyes an whispered: â€œIt has been a long time since I had a foot rub. Yes, that would be nice.”


I drained my flute, and put them both on the champagne caddy cart. I then moved to her feet, and began to rub them teasing her with a few tickles. Lena laughed. She leaned back on a pillow, closed her eyes and let me continue to rub her lovely feet.

My Guardian Mistress owns a book on sexual messages  through sensuous massage, and Of course I have memorized it. Some of the pictures of women touching other women, giving sexual sensual foot massages were so hot I would masturbate to thoughts of giving sexual foot massages to send the right message in a given situation.

I recalled all of the pressure points of the feet and the hands. I rubbed and massaged the spots that I had read about, enjoying the slender, sexy curves of her right foot. I lost myself in my efforts, before I realized what I was doing.

I’m not sure how much time passed before I heard, ‘Mmmmmmm,” as Lena moaned softly breaking my trance-like focus on the massage I was administering. Lena looked up at the same time I glanced up from my attention to her soft smooth foot. Her eyes met mine.

She started to speak, softly clearing her throat, “You are very young to know so much about sensual foot massage. Are you sending me a message?” Her voice deep and sexy.

“Of course, its all about communication, right?”


“What you are doing feels wonderful,” her eyes locked with mine, “So very good.”

As Lena looked into my eyes, her lips parted. She pointed to her glass. I quickly paused on the foot massage, filled our glasses again, set mine aside, but handed hers to her. She took a sip of her champagne and licked her lips.

It was as if I was in one of my erotic dreams. I realized what was happening.

“May I?” I blew her toes a kiss, extended my tongue and wiggled it, like a hissing snake.


She nodded, “yes” and I lifted her foot to my lips. I swirled my hot young tongue over her carefully pedicured big toe. Looking into her half-lidded eyes I let my tongue wash over the sensitive arch of her foot before sucking each and every toe slowly into my mouth letting my tongue tease over the soft balls of each toe.

Lena moaned loudly, drained her flute again, put it aside, and leaned back on the pillows. She immediately spread her legs wide on the bed lifting her dress exposing the wet crotch of her satin thong panties.

“See how wet you make me you bad little girl?” Lena hissed her eyes still closed. As I lifted her other foot and passionately sucked on her perfect big toe, I reached out and let my index finger lightly trace Lena’s bald, hairless, smooth, pussy slit through the satin smoothness. I felt her lips part under my touch and to my surprise, Lena’s clit pocked out against the satin. I couldn’t believe it was so big, at least 2cm to 3cm long, and not knowing why, I gave it a gentle pinch and twist. 

“Oh you are a bad girl, so very bad,” said Lena thrashing her head back and forth on her pillow.

I was on fire. My clit was screaming to be released.  I wanted this beautiful woman.

 Right now, she was not the CEO of a multinational mega corporation, she was just a beautiful woman who wanted to be touched, sensuously touched by a young, perfect girl a third of her age, with a massive clit that wanted to be in her cunt. 


Lena opened her eyes, they were sharp with desire, “Oh Mandy, so young, so fucking hot!”

Keeping eye contact I crawled up onto the bed,  straddled Lena’s mature hips. I looked down, her eyes were telling me what she wanted.

Keeping in character. â€œI’ve wanted you since the first day I saw you in the office,” I whispered, unbuttoning and opening her blouse, then slipping it off her shoulders, trapping her arms.


“I wore the sexiest skirts and tops to work only to catch your attention and turn you on. “ I whispered.


Lena smiled up at me and seemed to enjoy being undressed by one of her young office girls. 

“That’s why I showed you my wet thong.“


I fully unbuttoned her blouse pulled it off her, tossed it aside then unhooked her bra’s front enclosure, exposing her big creamy tits. They were magnificent. Full, firm, clearly implants, but some of the best I have ever seen. Soft, supple, with pronounced nipples and small areolas. They had bounce and stood up off her chest, the tits of a 25 year old. I made a mental note to find the name of her plastic surgeon for some of my other clients. 


”I did it because I sensed you wanted me too,” I whispered into her ear, blowing a soft jet of warm air to give her goose bumps and a shiver. 


 Lena only nodded and made no effort to stop me.

She moaned with pleasure as I brought both hands to cup and encircle her right breast. Like a baby feeding on a bottle, I held her breast in place and leaned over  her nipple. I took her large stiff right nipple into my mouth, teasing the hard flesh and dragging my sharp straight teeth over it, giving it soft nibbles followed by hard suckling vacuum sensations, my cheeks concaving with the pressure. I repeated the process with her left breast and nipple. I teased them to stand erect with my teeth and allowed them to snap back when I released them, causing her breasts to jiggle just a bit. They were like toys to me, erotic, sensual, pleasure toys and Lena moaned with pleasure as I played.


Lena mewed and stroked my hair. ‘So pretty, I too have wanted you my love, your beauty, your grace, your tight young T Girl clit, that ass, oh, my, that ass of yours” she sat up and pulled my face to hers. She must have been mistaking me for someone in her office, but WTF, you go with the flow.  Our eyes locked again in a lust filled embrace of passion. She put a finger under my chin an guided my lips to hers. The feeling of her full lips on mine was amazing and unlike Julie’s darting urgent tongue, Lena, moved her tongue in my mouth as if in an elaborate ballet, turning pirouettes around my tongue and drawing my tongue slowly into the hot wet confines of her mouth. 

I couldn’t get enough of her mouth her tongue and the sweet flavor of her mouth. Finally she broke off the kiss, rolled us over, and pushed me hard against the head board. Lena’s smile was slightly wicked now.

“Yes you’re the holiday intern girl I want to fuck, except in my fantasy I’m the one in charge.”

I was suddenly faux afraid and I sat against the head board with my knees drawn up, my red nailed toes pointing out, knees parted. Lena roughly parted my knees further, “Oh you are a bad little girl, wearing a micro thong gaff panty on a workday, what should a good boss do?”

Without warning Lena lightly slapped my tucked clit three times with the flat of her hand. I squirmed but didn’t cry out. The truth was I kind of liked it.

I closed my eyes as Lena hooked her two index fingers under the sides of my thong gaff, pulled it down and then up over my knees, and up further drawing my feet together as the tiny garment was pulled off my feet. She casually tossed it aside.


She then roughly pushed my knees apart again, wet her middle finger with her mouth and slipped her middle finger into my T Girl back door pussy. It felt so fucking hot.

‘Oh so wet, just like a slut I thought you were,” said Lena in a teasing way. I was glad that I had injected the coconut oil into my tight ass as part of my freshening up process in the master bathroom just before she arrived.

Lena leaned forward and kissed me while she finger fucked my ass. My tongue danced again with hers sensuously exploring, and drinking her, my lips exploring the softness of hers. My large clit was between us and it was now just a matter of time, but how to play this one, that is always the question.

Now Lena was only wearing sexy burgundy satin thong panties. Her breasts were as magnificent as I had thought now that she was hovering over me. They were full, firm, with bounce and absolutely no sag whatsoever. I wanted her nipples back in my mouth, but she had other plans. She removed her finger from my ass, quickly removed my skirt and top, freeing  my full, perky breasts, leaving me now fully naked and leaning against the plush pillows of the large oval bed. I must have looked like a vision to her as her eyes glazed over and it was as if she was becoming another person. 


She roughly grabbed my right breast, squeezed and took my small hard right nipple  between teasing teeth. I groaned and shivered. She worked my nipple in her mouth, kissing it, adoring it, nibbling on it, sucking so hard that I could feel the hicky forming on it. 


Then she leaned back. Lena stroked my long smooth legs, took my right foot in her hands and returned the favor by letting her tongue wind its way through my toes taking each one into her hot mouth. She made a point to lazily stroke my clit with her manicured fingers as she tongued my toes and it was electric. First my right foot and then the left. I was oozing precum out of my pee hole and hoped she would notice. 


She did and when she was finished with my toes, scooped up the precum with her tongue and crawled up my body. I was in ecstasy when our starving lips met again after her tow sucking session, sharing the taste of my precum on our tongues. Yum ..


These were the kisses of my dreams. A lust filled lover dedicating themselves to a make out session with me. I just love kissing and she was an exceptional kisser, paying just the right amount of attention to my tongue, lips, even the roof of my mouth to tickle me. It was so hot. 


I would remember this moment and recreate it occasionally in my bed, furiously working my  clit hoping my Guardian Mistress would not discover my extracurricular orgasmic activities outside of our regular training sessions. 

My breath caught sharply as I was overcome with passion, “Yes, Lena, yes, make me your slut,” escaped my lips. I didn’t mean to say it. 


Feverishly our hands and fingers explored each other’s bodies. I sensed that Lena took an intense thrill from touching my young forbidden flesh. 

“Touch me, Lena, please touch my young clit , hard for you, it’s yours,” I hissed up at her.

Lena looked in my eyes and her fingers gently stroked around my clit head. â€œSo big for such a petite T Girl. Amazing. Just what I had hoped for. Yes, when you spread your legs in the office that day, I came undone in my desire for you, it was like nothing I had ever felt before.” Someone had really profiled me to know that I must look like someone in her office. 

One of Lena’s sharp fingernails traced my shaft, leaving a red mark all along its length. Then circled my tender jewels, weighed them in her elegant hand, and then traced its way back up to my clit head. She used her thumb and index finger to encircle just under the head  of my clit with a vice grip and forced another drop of precum to ooze out of my pee hole.


“That’s my good girl. React to me, my touch. Submit to me. Be a good fuck toy slut for me!” It was like she had transformed into a sex crazed Goddess.


“I have a shower in my office, and I went there after seeing you across the office two weeks ago and soaped my body down and I thought of you with me squeezing my ass and tits, pushing your fingers, tongue, this clit,  deep inside my dripping cunt. I knew then you would be mine, you had to be.”

At that instant Lena’s middle finger  of her right hand entered my anal star to the hilt and the finger nails of her left hand began flicking the sensitive skin of my clit head. My ass lifted off the bed with the sheer pleasure she was giving me.

“Oh my, your T Girl pussy is so tight,” Lena cooed now sliding her finger in and out of me with some ease. 

“ Oh yes, Lena, fuck me, you can do anything to me, I want you to take all of me.” I groaned my hips humping in rhythm to her finger strokes.

“Your little T Girl pussy is so warm, so wanting, it’s so pretty Mandy, you have a lovely star do you know that?”

I nodded and let out another moan as her finger nails dug harder into the skin of my clit head. This pleasure pain thing was intriguing and client or not, she was turning me on.

“I have to taste you; I need your hot young juices on my tongue,” Lena said breathing heavily. 

I felt Lena’s warm tongue licking delicately at the skin around my anal star, next to her finger which was still fucking me.


Her tongue was too far from my pulsing, winking star I grabbed her by the hair and directed her tongue to my star. â€œRim me, bitch, stick that long tongue deep in my ass!”  It was a risk to force her, but my gamble paid off. Like a scolded child, she withdrew her finger from my star and replaced it with her tongue. I reached down, spread my ass cheeks apart and gave her more access. Lovely, just lovely, was the erotic feeling of her tongue slipping inside me, exploring my star, making full contact and French kissing my puckered back door. She almost found my anal G Spot with her tongue. I was so arouse, I felt like I could cum with just one more flick of her tongue. The heels of my feet pushed her head deeper and I could feel her nose snuggling with my jewels as she buried her tongue as deep as she could. 


I heard her moan and the vibrations pushed me into a higher state of arousal. I could feel her breath on my inner thighs.


I know that sound escaped from my lips, but it was something I had never heard before, n animal growl of pleasure that came from somewhere deep within me, it was as if my star was trying to communicate with her through my mouth.


Unlike the fierce quickness of Julie’s tongue on my clit, , Lena was moving at a different pace with my star. It was as if she was worshiping my young T Girl pussy and I loved every intense second of it. I never imagined a tongue could move in so many different directions. Lena’s tongue was dancing in and around my star, flicking it up, down backwards and sideways, deeply, and then just at the rim. It was the most pleasurable anal rim job I had received and to increase the intensity, Lena began to work my clit shaft with soft, smooth full length strokes, from my jewels to the tip of my clit head.


“Such a small T Girl pussy, so tight,” Lena signed, lifting her head and making eye contact with me through the valley of my breasts on my chest. , “Are you going to let me fuck you Mandy any way I want? That’s it relax and take  my tongue, my fingers, maybe more? Let me fuck you the way you want to be fucked.”

Lena stopped tonging my ass and replaced it with two of her twisting, saliva coated fingers, and then sucked my throbbing clit head into her mouth and proceeded to give my teen T Girl pussy a good hard finger fuck, finding my anal G Spot instantly and massaging it to make me cum. I pulled wildly at my nipples, knowing I couldn’t take much more from this fabulous woman.


I craved the taste of Lena’s pussy and I begged her to get into a sixty-nine. She withdrew her fingers, let my clit pop out of her warm mouth and Immediately she pulled me down the bed, twisted around, straddled my face with her knees.

Lena ripped off her thong panties, lowered her hips and I lifted my head between her perfect thighs. I lapped at her mature cunt, 

feeling the fullness of her slippery cunt flesh as her juice ran freely into my mouth. I parted her tender cunt lips with my fingers, and flattened my tongue out against her large clit, licking from the base to the sensitive end. I rubbed and licked my flattened tongue up and down he clit in a circular motion, the slickness in her pussy kept my tongue gliding and swirling over and around Lena’s sweet and puffy clit.


I pushed two fingers into Lena’s soaking wet pussy hole, and felt her cunt walls grab at my fingers, as if to say she wanted more, soon I had three fingers flashing in and out of one of the most elegant, mature, beautiful pussies I had ever seen. 

Relentlessly, I sliced my hot, wet tongue over and around her puffy flesh shaft. I never imagined a woman’s biological female clit could be so big. At least 3cm long. I loved it and wanted to show Lena just how much.

While Lena moaned and cried at my cunt licking she never let up on her deep throat duties. This 69 position was ideal to create the perfect angle to not only enter her mouth, but right down her throat . She took advantage of the angle and demonstrated her skill by slowly, and in one stroke, took all of my 25cm into her deep oral love tunnel without gagging. I felt her chin on my pelvis an moaned into her cunt. 


After showing off, she got to work on my clit head. Lena was now using the flat of her tongue to assault my sensitive clit head and pee hole while she resumed twisting and pounding to fingers into my back door Lov passage. 


Soon Lena began to move her hips writing to meet my flashing tongue and pounding fingers. As I pushed my fingers deeper, her wet clasping cunt began to tremble. She began to cry out, as if she was about to reach her orgasm. 

The sound of her growls pushed me closer, as she sucked my clit mercilessly and started nibbling with her teeth on the flesh right under the head. I bit down on her tender, long clit  flesh and we both began to convulse and cum,  our bodies shuddering together, jerking involuntarily and creaming cum shots from each of our sources of passion into each other’s mouth at the same instant. 


It was challenging to maintain tongue contact with her clit as she was bucking like a bronco with her orgasm, but I held her down with my fingers deep in her cunt, scraping her vaginal G Spot and elongating  her orgasmic climax, pushing her into a higher gear. 

I pushed my mouth hard over Lena’s cunt hole and took the next volley of cum deep down my throat. Lena did the same as shot after shot of cum squirted from my clit. Some went straight down her throat, some into her mouth which was locked around my clit. She was determined not to miss a drop. I felt her licking and sucking on my clit head as I erupted in my final ejaculation. It seemed like three minutes thereafter, she stroked my clit shaft from the base to the head, sucking hard to extract every last drop of my young teen cum into her willing mouth.


I continued to suck at Lena’s cunt lips, gently licking and sucking her juices from her lovely tight hole. 

We lay together quietly mewing, and exploring each other and languishing in the afterglow of our amazing sex session. At some point it dawned on me that right then, right there, she was not my client: she was my lover. I wonder what my guardian Mistress would think about this. She told me never, never to become emotionally involved with a client. . 


After we recovered, we sat up on the bed, just holding hands. I released her fingers and found my flute of champagne. I took several sips of the delicious nectar. Lena, realizing that the bottle was now empty, just looked at me with pleading eyes, and I moved to kneel beside her. She leaned in and I knew. I took a long pull on my glass, connected our lips and kissed a full mouth of the champagne into her mouth. She licked her lips an the gleam returned to her eyes. “You want more?” 


“Like I said, I would do anything to keep my Holiday internship.” I focused on her eyes. â€œI mean anything!”


“then finish your champagne and dance for me. Give me a strip tease dance.”


“I will do better than that.,” I said with a Cheshire cat smile. 


I found another bottle of vintage Crystal champagne in the kitchen refrigerator, opened it up, put it in the ice bucket by the bed, poured Lena a full glass, al the while, strutting around the condo like I owned it in my birthday suit, and it was a sexy display of what was to come.


I found her silk blouse and buttoned it up, all the way to the collar, put my heels back on and found the source of the music. I put on a Global Chill station with good, stripper beat music and sauntered over to the side of the bed. I grabbed Lena’s full glass of champagne, took a long pull from it, refilled it and handed it back to Lena. 


As the next song started. I struck a pose  directly under a halogen spot light embedded in the ceiling. I was dressed only in in her shirt which looked like a loose fitting short dress. My back was to her, but I twisted so that she could not only see the outline of my ass, but also my breasts as I half turned back to her, my hands up fluffing my hair, legs straight, back slightly arched.


I began a sexy, slow, sultry stripper dance, knowing that I had only one garment to take off.  I began to unbutton her blouse, starting at the bottom. After I had unbuttoned the blouse, I turned my back an began a series of gymnastic moves which had Lena sitting up. My back to her, I pulled the blouse over my shoulders and wound it up into a rope like structure, and used it to rub on my back and ass like I was drying off with a towel. I quickly rotated towards her, but dropped the blouse like a falling curtain to hide my breasts and clit which was semi hard and dangling between my tone, tan, firm thighs.   I let Lena look at my breasts for a split second and then I turned my back to her again, putting the blouse back on in a second.   I then continued to seductively sway my hips in a seductive manner to the music, and then I bared first one shoulder, then the other, never losing eye contact with Lena who was sipping her champagne, enthralled with how I was dancing.   


I then lowered the blouse again to bare my entire back. Finally I let the blouse fall on the floor and in a hip roll move, rotated to face my client , presenting her with a full view of my young, teenage body in all its sexual splendor. My bare breasts were firm, barely bouncing as I moved to the music, and I noticed that Lena was splitting her focus between my hardening clit and my jiggling breasts with upturned hard nipples.


I picked up the silk blouse and draped it over my now erect clit. The blouse hung there like on a coat rack.


Never letting the blouse fall, I moved enticingly as I danced for her, twisting, bending, lifting one leg to my head, and then doing the near splits with my ass facing her. A quick slap on my as, and then up and rotating again, pushing my tits together, cupping them, extending my tongue and this time, licking and even biting my own nipples. This really got her attention.  She had finished her glass of champagne and was slowly making figure 8s on her female clit, occasionally dipping her finger into her wet cunt for lubrication.


With her index finger, she beckoned me to come to her. I danced over to the side of the bed, presenting my clit with the blouse still hanging from it. She grabbed one end of the blouse and slowly pulled. The silky fabric flowed over my clit until it was just me, standing there, chest heaving from the dance, clit erect and pointing right at Lena.


Lena’s breasts and chest were flush with arousal. She was indeed a beauty for her age. Firm breasts and slim waist, she had a cute round ass and she looked like she worked out every day with her athletic body. My eyes were drawn to her pussy. She had a surprisingly sexy bald, smooth female pussy for a mature woman of her age. The lips of her pussy were glistening with her love juices slowly oozing out of her tight little slit, from which only her large clitoral hood protruded slightly. Her female clit looked like a miniature penis, about 3cm long, and my mouth was watering to suck on it again. The rest of her pussy was now hidden between the puffy outer labia lips. It left me wondering what her inner labia would be like with me between her legs on top, rather than from underneath when we had been in the 69 position. I knew I would find out shortly. 


“Come sit in my lap” Lena whispered as she scooted back to the pillows on the bed.


I stepped towards her, crawled onto the bed, and like a sexy kitten, made my way  to her, flicking my hair up like a wild animal, clawing at her smooth, soft legs as I approached her lap.


I lowered my firm, gorgeous, naked ass onto her lap. Draping one arm around her supple waist, I pulled her body tightly against mine. I was struck by how soft and warm she was, and how deliciously feminine she smelled. I buried my nose in her wavy hair and greedily inhaled her scent, I kissed her shoulder and tasted the subtle saltiness of her naked skin. Every new sensation made me hungry for more. I wanted to kiss her all over, lick every inch of her enticing body.

I reached up and cupped her magnificent breasts with my hands. They felt warm, soft, but the implants gave them firmness and an erotic shape. Her sexy breasts were soft and her skin was smooth and warm. I flicked her pink nipple with my finger and watched it pucker up. I leaned forward to take the extended tip into my mouth, then did the same with Lena’s other nipple, feeling it stiffen as I sucked. I let it slip out of my mouth and leaned her back to admire at the result of my work. It was spectacular.

Though I wasn’t done playing with her tasty nipples, I could not wait any longer, I wanted to, no needed to feel her wet pussy. I took a deep breath and slid my hand down her tight tummy until I reached her female clit which was wet and in need of attention. With one hand, I ran my fingers through her silky hair, and then grabbed a fistful right at the back of her head to hold her in place. The look of shock on her face was priceless . She was not used to being treated like a fuck toy.


My fingers walked lower, circled her clit, pinched it, gave it a twist, and continued down closer to her cunt, now dribbling with juices. The further down I went, the hotter and wetter her slippery outer labia lips became. I finally reached the top of her slit. The tip of my finger slid between her juicy, slippery lips, pausing at her entrance. 


“Tell me what you want, what you need Lena!” I emphasized the statement with a tug on her hair and a gentle slap on her outer labia lips.


“Y,you, I need you,” she said in a gasp.


“Need me to do what?”


Her eyes searched mine. She was nervous, in unfamiliar territory. â€œI, I need you to take me, fuck me, oh please, Mandy, I need you to..”


My kiss on her mouth stopped her words and my fingers plunging in her cunt  caused her to moan loudly in my mouth.  Our tongues flicked, and played with each other as I insert 2, then 3 then 4 fingers into her wet cunt.  I had curled my thumb into my palm and sensing that she was about to be fisted, paused our kiss.


“I, I, I have never done that before!

“Shhhh,you will experience many, many things with me this weekend that you have never done before and they will change your life forever,” I whispered as I gave her face, neck, ears and nose soft kisses.


“Be, be gentle,” she said in a pleading low voice.


“I will be exactly what you need me to be.” I whispered back in a reassuring tone.


My tongue reentered her inviting mouth and I lessened the grip on her hair as my fist pushed forward, twisting, becoming lubricated with her flowing juices. She was really aroused.


I was no longer on her lap and was sitting on the bed between her legs. To get better leverage, I    got onto my knees, faced her and finally broke our kiss and let go of her hair. My mouth found her right nipple and I suckled as the knuckles of my right hand found her inner labia lips. With a little twist, I found the point of most resistance and worked it for a few seconds, eliciting moans of pleasure from Lena. When I was ready, I bit her right nipple hard and plunged my fist into her cunt at the same time. She responded with a spontaneous orgasm and I had to let go of her nipple with my teeth for fear that I would rip it off as she spasmed in a full body contraction, trapping my wrist in her cunt. I moved to her other nipple and suckled it gently, but started a slow push, twist, pull, twist, push, twist series of movements with my fist in her cunt, making sure to rub her G Spot with my knuckles.  Her orgasm never stopped and just hit a higher plateau, cunt juices flowing freely from her and onto my wrist.


“Holy fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh My god, fuck, yes, fuck.”


I worked her cunt for a continuous 60 seconds draining all the stored up dopamine in her cerebral cortex with the intense climax and finally, her eyes rolling back in her head, I withdrew my fist. She gave out another loud moan when my knuckles and the widest part of my fist exited her cunt, another shudder, another full body spasm.


“Good girl Lena, such a good girl.”


I pushed her knees down and laid on top of her, making sure to line up our nipples as I started giving her soft, little kisses on her chin, lips, cheeks, nose, eyes, and back to her lips until she finally opened her eyes. 


“Oh My god, you are the best ever. I mean, really, the best. I never, ever, but you knew, knew that I could, would take it and holy fuck.” She hungrily kissed my mouth and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth, hugging me, wrapping her legs around me. The effect was to push my hard clit against her tummy, trapping it between us as we passionately made out.


My excitement matched Lena’s and my clit was feeling like it would burst soon. I was ready and willing to fuck Lena like no one had ever fucked her before.


I lifted my pelvis off Lena and freed my clit which hung between us. Lena took the hint and wrapped her delicate fingers around my solid shaft and then  pointed it down to her love hole. 


She gave me a lustful smile: “I have never been with a T Girl before. Um, well, does it, will , I mean, what is it like for you?”


  and then she began to stroke me. Before I had had an opportunity to respond to her thoughtful question, she continued.


“It’s beautiful, Mandy,” ,she whispered, “So big and hard. Are all T Girls like you?”


“No, I am unusually large for a T Girl, and trust me, I know what I am doing with it. Imagine your clit, which, I must say, is larger than most, but imagine that it was much, much longer, with sensitive skin all along its shaft, with especially sensitive skin right under and around the head. When I put it inside of you, it is magical, wonderful, warm, wet, the most amazing feeling.”


All she could do was groan in response, staring at my clit between our breasts touching at the nipples.  â€œI want you to cum inside me.”


“of course I will, my love.”

Lena spread her legs and lifted her knees to open up her cunt and offer it up to me.


“Fuck me, Fuck me Mandy.”


I was presented with a full view of her bare pussy, and it was breathtaking.  Her swollen lips were hairless, leaving even the small, pale pink inner lips fully exposed, but having returned to their tight closed position, all shiny and wet.


Biting her lower lip and staring hungrily into my eyes, she lay her hand between her legs and twirled her fingers over her clit. Next, she slid them down along her slick lips, parting them and showing me the insides of her vulva with its intricate folds and bumps. I was amazed with how well her actions were guiding me. She was literally dripping with arousal.


“I’m ready for you, Mandy,” she said seductively, her voice all husky from lust. “Can’t you see how wet my pussy is for you? Please,  please fuck me with your big, beautiful T Girl Clit”

As I knelt between her legs, I could feel her nudge me with the heels of her feet on my ass. My heart was pounding in my throat as I eyed up her pussy. It was beautiful.  Her delicate fingers still lightly stroking my clit head, pointing it down, an then using her other hand to guide my hand to my clit to take over. 


I took a deep breath to steel myself and then reached out for Lena’s heated pussy. She jumped up as my fingers touched her cunt lips. My fingers pried apart her moist, puffy, plump lips and explored the sexy folds between them. I moved my finger down between her dainty inner labia until it dipped into the tight opening of her vagina. The pale pink tissue was extremely soft and delicate, eager to yield to the slightest touch, and my finger slipped smoothly inside her.

Lena groaned lustfully as I pushed the extended digit into the little hole and then began to slide it in and out. She was extremely wet; my entire finger was coated in a creamy layer of her lubricating juices, helping it slip easily in and out of her tight pussy. I added a second finger and moved them both in unison. The scent of her arousal was inebriating and I really enjoyed the way her inner muscles squeezed my fingers. I tickled the spongy inside flesh identifying her G Spot with both fingers, and rubbed her clit at the same time. My plan was to capture enough of her cunt juice to fully lubricate my shaft before entering her, but she had other plans.


Almost immediately Lena’s body started bucking again in a series of contractions so powerful, they lifted her butt over a foot off the bed. With each contraction I felt the muscles in her pussy squeeze my fingers and gush out hot juices over my hand. It was amazing to see how intense her orgasm could be so quickly after her fist fucking induced orgasm moments ago. I love fucking women.


Lena’s orgasm Lasted for Over a minute, with her still shivering and small tremors still squeezing my fingers in her cunt.


“Now I think you are ready.”

“You bitch, Please fuck me, Mandy, fuck me now~” she panted. “I’ll die if I don’t get your big, beautiful clit in me!”

Lena’s entire body had a rosy flush and was covered in tiny beads of sweat. She may have been 3 times my age, but She was  a cute horny teenager right now and eager to fuck.  I moved my hips into position, ran my clit head up and down her wet slit to lubricate the head, stroked my shaft with her love juices on my right hand, and Delirious with lust, I grabbed my clit and rested it at her entrance. I may be a teenager, but sexual finesse is key in a moment like this. No stabbing her, it had to be perfect. 


I let go of my clit, brought my lips to hers, delicately penetrated her lips with my tongue as my clit gently penetrated her cunt. She let out a low moan as my clit began to stretch her love tunnel. At first Lena seemed to resist my penetration, but then realized that she had very well developed Cagle muscles and was squeezing my clit like she was a virgin. Impressive.


As my tongue plunged deeper into her mouth, my clit pushed farther inside her and she finally let go and surrendered. 


I slid about half way into Lena’s cunt and it was clear from her moans that she does not regularly fuck, and certainly not with a partner with a 25cm love pole to reach places she could only dream about in her fantasies. 


“It’s so big, so lovely, so magnificent.”

I pushed a little and another few centimeters slid inside her, followed by another moan. She was doing her best to squeeze her Cagle muscles to make me work for it. With every push, she was surrendering more of her control. Soon she would be all mine. 


I pulled out a little. When I pushed back in, it went much smoother, her resolve to tighten up for me waning.   This time, my thrust was rewarded with a genuine guttural moan of pleasure.


It was obvious Lena was still a bit tender from the fist fucking, but I was able to fuck her without much discomfort, especially the deeper I plunged into her love tunnel. A couple of dozen thrusts later, I noticed I was bumping against the soft padding of her pubic mound and I could feel her swollen lips kiss the base of my clit. With each thrust, my jewels were touching her ass, and it was generating just the right amount of friction inside her pussy. 


For me, the feeling of being entirely enveloped by Lena’s divine pussy was more fulfilling than I had anticipated. Some clients just want  to be fucked hard by a T Girl and cum quickly. For Lena, I wanted this to last, to be meaningful, memorable, something she would have for the rest of her life. 


For the next few minutes, I timed my thrusts with my tongue plunges into her willing mouth. She even began giving my pointed tongue a mini blow job as she moaned with pleasure of having her cunt stuffed like she had never had it stuffed before. As I would hit the ¾ mark of my thrust, I would sense a barrier within her and only my insistent pressure caused the fleshy wall to give way and allow me full an deep access. It was glorious. Where my clit was going inside her was always a bit of a mystery for me. In her cervix? Her womb? It really did not matter as I knew that I was being gentle enough for things to move around to accommodate my length and give her unimaginable pleasure.


On a purely physical level, it was the best feeling ever for me to feel the long strokes, the friction along the shaft, the flesh on flesh sensation right under my clit head, all of it. , but I was also feeling a new love and gratitude towards Lena for allowing me to move at my pace and sharing this  erotic, sexual, sensuous moment with me. Without fully realizing what I was doing, I stopped my tongue thrusting, lowered my lips onto hers and we started to kiss, a real lover’s kiss as we fucked, the tip of my clit forming a small bump on her tummy from the inside each time I bottomed out in her cunt.  


Lena readily kissed me back, moaning softly as our tongues began their dance in our mouths. It was sometime during this kiss that we really started making love. Our bodies began to move in unison, my ass was pumping up and down in a fluid motion and she anticipated my moves by rolling and thrusting her cunt to receive my clit deep inside her.

Her full, firm breasts had flattened just a little as she was lying on her back now, but they moved sensually as we made love, my hard nipples tracing patterns on her breasts with each thrust.  


Remembering how great they had felt earlier, I grabbed them with both hands and gently kneaded the soft orbs. The highly sensitive pink nipples were hard enough to cut glass, standing out over a quarter inch in length and surrounded by dimpled areolas. Following my instinct, I closed my lips around the little tips and sucked on them. Each time I softly bit on them, she would groan lustfully and her pussy seemed to tighten even more around my clit.


Suddenly she arched her back and tightened her legs around my waist. With a barely contained squeal, Lena began to convulse underneath me, hit by yet another overwhelming orgasm. The muscles inside her pussy were going crazy around my clit and she was moaning out so loud, I had to cover her mouth with mine, or else security might be summoned to investigate the screams. 

Immediately her tongue shot into my mouth again and we kissed feverishly throughout her climax.

Having cum 3 times on the plane and once in Lena’s mouth, I was able to sensuously fuck Lena for a fairly long time and in a couple of different positions. We remained in the missionary position for a good 30 minutes and I gave her 3 clit induced vaginal orgasms. I think my ass was actually bruised by her heel strikes with the last one. 


I then rolled over and had her ride me sitting up, her feet up at my hips, her full weight all focused on her cunt as she would impale herself on my stiff clit. I held her hands to stabilize her and she admitted that the position was new for her. Watching her beautiful breasts bounce on her chest as she bottomed out was hot. At one point, I held her down and pushed her forward and back to rub her large clit on my smooth, bald pelvis. It only took 2 minutes of this ultra deep penetration clit stimulation and she was Cuming again on my clit, spraying cunt juice on my pelvis and inner thighs.  She fell forward and we kissed until I rolled us over again.


Our final position was with her on her hands and knees and I was fucking her doggy style when it happened. My hands were on her hips and I was slamming against her ass when I felt my jewels draw tight. I reached up, grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her back onto my clit. She screamed with pleasure and pain with each deep penetrating thrust. 


My body was telling me that a massive orgasm was imminent, the idea of pulling out didn’t even cross my mind. I kept fucking Lena as hard as I could until moments later, I felt that first wave of cum shoot up my shaft and explode into Lena’s pussy.

“Oh God, Lena , I’m cumming!” I grunted as I slammed into her again.

Upon hearing this, she pushed her ass back at me and tilted her hips, moving instinctively to allow me to ejaculate as deep inside her as possible. Eight, nine times more my jewels contracted, and each time I added another splash of cum, directly against her cervix. When I had given her all I had, my clit finally wilted and slipped from her pussy. Following my clit , a flood of creamy love juice , pearly white, gushed out from her distended cunt.

Amazingly, Lena turned around and took my cum covered clit in her mouth. Like before, she cleaned my entire shaft with her tongue and licked up every trace of my love juice until it was absolutely spotless. Also like before, her warm, sucking mouth quickly breathed new life into my semi-erect clit.


I rolled Lena on her back and once more I climbed on top of her. This time my clit felt no resistance from her Cagle muscles as it sank all the way into her tight canal. Once I had fully penetrated her, we started moving again. This second time we made love was even better than the first. My primal need to drop my seed into this lovely woman had been filled, and now I was able to take my time to make us both feel the best I could. I caressed and kissed every inch of her skin as I explored and got fully acquainted with Lena’s lovely body, and her with mine. This time I had made it my goal to learn as much about her body and what I could do to give her the most pleasure.

Over the next fifteen to twenty minutes we tried several new positions besides the few we’d already tried before, finally ending with her riding my cock in reverse cowgirl. Although I had enjoyed every position we had tried, this one was by far the most memorable. Not just because it was feeling amazingly good, but even more because I was looking at her amazing ass, tiny waist and flowing silky hair as she rode me. 


Her smooth, hairless pussy lips were tightly stretched around my shaft as it rapidly moved in and out of her well-oiled pussy. She had regained control of her Cagle muscles and it was like fucking a virgin, it was so tight . My clit itself was coated in a glossy sheen of our mixed juices that frothed around its base and produced soft squishy noises as we moved together. Only a glance away from this electrifying view was that of her sexy, full, firm breasts. No less exciting, the orange-sized beauties were standing high on her chest and jumped up excitedly on her every down- and upstroke. The puckered-up nipples were begging to be touched, something I was glad to do for her as I reached around her torso to tease, pinch and fondle her nipples on each down stroke. Still better than either of those views was that of her beautiful face. She would turn her had to look at me. I could see the joy and sexual gratification in her eyes and in the smile on her lips, telling me she was loving it as much as I did.

Though I wouldn’t have minded staying like that forever, it wasn’t long before I felt that I was going to cum again soon. Upon hearing my warning, Lena stopped moving her hips, twisted right on my clit. I felt the walls of her cunt try to twist with me, and then snap back and give my clit shaft a unique sensation of twisting within her love tunnel.   Magic.


We ended up facing each other.  We laid down and rolled over so I was on top. She pulled me on top of her. She wanted to be in a missionary position when I came, allowing me to pump another load of cum deep inside her thirsty pussy. This time, when I came, it also triggered another orgasm inside her.

Exhausted after, how many powerful orgasms?, I rolled off Lena and let my head drop on the pillow. Lena rolled over and nuzzled my neck, planting soft kisses behind my ear.

“I love you baby” she whispered.

“I love you too Lena,” I said back, almost without thinking.

“I’m glad you were my first t Girl.”

“Yeah, me too.”

I nodded and yawned. Fucking was tiring work. Although I wasn’t against cuddling with Lena, I was just too tired. It had been a long day.  I closed my eyes and I was gone instantly.

As I woke up early next morning, It took a second to orient myself. Where was I? Oh, yah, Zurich.


Lena was still in bed, sleeping peacefully in my arms. She had an arm draped across my chest and a leg hooked around mine. I could feel a firm little breast press against my arm and her silky smooth bald pussy on my leg. My morning wood was poking her in the tummy.  It was going to be a great weekend.  One of my best ever.




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