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The Erotic Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 8: Mandy Serves afternoon Tea.

Posted: 4 months ago - Nov 01, 2023

The Erotic Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 8: Mandy Serves afternoon Tea.


Disclosure: The following erotic story contains descriptions of explicit fictional and nonfictional sexual content The likes of which may stimulate some and offend others so anyone not interested in reading such content or would be offended by it should stop reading and quit this page immediately. Any and all acts described in this story are either fictional or were between consenting adults of legal age to consent in all jurisdictions in which no acts described violated any applicable laws.


Mandy’s adventures continue during the Summer between her second and third year at Vixen College. She loves hosting private, sexploration parties and decides to enjoy a private, intimate, afternoon tea service party with her new older girlfriend, Shawna, and Shawna’s beautiful daughter Katrina at Mandy’s luxury condominium near Vixen College on the last weekend before she returns for her Junior year.



On the Saturday after I had my hot orgy  by the pool with Shawna and Jasminea, I decided to host an ‘End of Summer’ private, intimate,  afternoon tea service party at my luxury high rise condominium near Vixen College campus to make good on my promise to Shawna that we would reconnect and she would introduce me to her daughter. . It was the week before I had to return to continue my studies in the Fall term of my junior year and just decided that it would be fun to create an opportunity to  meet Katrina in an intimate setting. I also wanted to determine how much of a vixen spell I had cast on Shawna who seemed to b willing to do just about anything  for, and to, me last weekend by the pool with Jasminea.  The idea of coaxing Shawna to become another of my submissive sex partners was titillating. I also was intrigued by Shawna’s comment last week that Katrina and I could be look-a-likes.  Just how beautiful was Katrina? I needed to find out for my self as I always had room in my Rose Community stable for another gorgeous, young Pink Rose Girl playmate.


Following our amazing sexploration by the pool last Saturday, I had reached out to Shawna and from our conversation, and some additional behind the scenes research, learned several things about Shawna and Katrina.   Turns out that Shawna was, or at least had been, the professional escort girl on the side for a very wealthy man who had founded one of the largest Hedge Fund Investment Banking Organizations in the world .  Shawna had never risen to more than a play thing for him. After a number of years  as his lover, the guy lost interest in her despite her amazingly beautiful, trim body and sexual appetite. He was too focused on his career which was Steller if you evaluate his life by the coins he had collected during it.


What Shawna had never shared with the guy was that he had got her pregnant during one of their last encounters 9 months before Katrina was born.   He had enjoyed their time together and had set Shawna up for life with a trust fund, so razing Katrina was no issue for Shawna, but things had changed 6 months ago.


The guy had contacted Shawna to let her know that he was dying from a rare cancer disease and wanted to meet her just one last time. During that elegant dinner event at the best restaurant in town, Shawna thought it was important to share with him that he had a daughter. He was astonished by the news. 


He had never married and had thought that he had no other living relatives. He was incredulous about the information and immediately denied that it was possible.  He accused Shawna of trying to extort additional money from him beyond the trust fund he had set up for her, and accused Shawna of trying to take advantage of a dying man. Shawna assured him that she did not want any more of his money and that she was doing fine with her real estate practice. She just wanted him to know that he actually had a living relative, a lovely daughter who had become a beautiful young woman about to make a decision on which college to which to go.


During the exquisite dining experience, the guy had asked Shawna if the young woman, Katrina, had been told who her father was. Shawna admitted that she had never told Katrina anything about her father. Whenever the subject came up, it always ended with a short statement that her father had run off when Katrina had been born and his location  was not known.


After, again, denying that he had a daughter, he confronted Shawna to prove her claims. Shawna assured him that it was true, and even brought several hair samples from Katrina so that if he wished, he could have a DNA analysis run to confirm that he, in fact, had a daughter, and that her name was Katrina Summers.


Immediately after that dinner with Shawna, the wealthy man did have that DNA analysis performed . True to Shawna’s word, the DNA analysis confirmed that Katrina was his daughter. He had only about 6 months left to live at that point in time, but took it upon himself to learn everything he could about Katrina. He even set up several clandestine viewing opportunities so that he could see her, experience her, without her knowing who he was . He decided that introducing himself into her life at the end of his life, would be too disruptive.  What the wealthy guy did decide to do, however, was modify all of his testamentary documents to leave his entire fortune, well into the 9 figures, to Katrina. Katrina was not to know of it until his death, and that occurred a month ago.


Shawna had shared the news of the identity of Katrina’s father  in an unusual way. She had arranged for a private viewing of the man’s ornate, luxurious  mausoleum in a private, elegant section of Greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn, reserved for those rare individuals who had the stature and funds to afford it.   Katrina had thought it odd that her mother had brought her to Greenwood Cemetery, but it was a beautiful temperate late Summer day, Greenwood Cemetery was known for its majestic views of Manhattan, and that Shawna had packed a delicious picnic for them, just turned it into a lovely Mother / daughter adventure experience, of sorts.


It was during the picnic that Shawna told Katrina the truth about her father, and that as of a month ago, Katrina was a very, very wealthy young woman.


The news hit Katrina hard and for a month she was a bit lost in the magnitude of the changes in her life. All the lawyers, all the financial information, all the choices which had to be made. It was because of the confluence of forces impacting her daughter, that Shawna thought I would make a great friend to Katrina.  I, too, had overcome some significant obstacles in my life and now was poised to take off with my career as a professional sex therapist even though I did not need the money due to the very lucrative investments into which my Guardian Mistress had guided me.


As for Shawna, she admitted to me in our post sexploration session that she was now sure, after years of failed relationships with men, she was a lesbian. She described in our call that she had had several female lovers during the past couple of years, and that her experience with me last week rocked her world in so many ways. She had been lusting after her beautiful daughter but never thought she would do anything about it. Then last weekend happened and several bits of information came into clear focus for her.


Shawna had discovered a few months ago, by accident, that Katrina was into lesbian porn and had bookmarked several Shemale sites on the web. Shawna even found a dairy of Katrina’s in which she admitted to lusting after a few girls at the school she attended, and that in particular, she had a crush on a beautiful transgendered girl at the school, but never did anything about it. When Shawna discovered that I was a T Girl last weekend, the thought of introducing me to her daughter  rose to the level of an obsession for many reasons.


After doing some research on me, Shawna saw me as a grounding force for Katrina, someone who understood the value of living in the moment, who enjoyed the art of making Lov, and the science of understanding theoretical  quantum physics, all in a well balanced young life 


It was because of that conversation with Shawna and how intrigued I became with meeting Katrina that I set up the events for Saturday. Katrina was to come over in the middle of the day to meet someone her mother, Shawna, had identified as one who could give her some insights about Vixen College. No doubt, Katrina had thought that I would be some old lady alumnus of the college and that the meeting would be beyond boring. Katrina could not have been more wrong .


I decided on a private tea party theme for the afternoon with Katrina. Something of an exclusive, very private, intimate   one on one session. I communicated with Katrina via private instant messaging to let her know that I would do my best to entertain her, and show her some of the benefits of Vixen college at an afternoon tea service ..  All true, but much, much more was in store for her, all depending on how she reacted to our meeting .


Shawna sounded disappointed on the phone when I told her that I wanted to meet Katrina by herself first. Shawna understood. She had really wanted some private time with me, and then to slowly introduce Katrina into our love making mix, especially given Katrina’s interest in T Girls.


Shawna hinted in our conversation that she would be eternally grateful if I would invite her to the afternoon tea service experience and allow her to bring Katrina as her ‘plus one.’ She practically begged me to invite her, promising that she would definitely make it worth my while if I did. 


I was intrigued by Shawna’s willingness and used the leverage over her to introduce the idea of her becoming one of my submissive sex play toys.    Following up on Shawna’s promise to ‘make it worth my while,’ I finally agreed that Shawna could come to the afternoon tea service, but only at the end, and that she would need to play the part I described for her in our conversation which went something like this.


“Shawna, it seems that you would do anything to be invited to my afternoon tea service party I am setting up for Katrina. Well, I have the perfect idea. I will need a servant to come at the end of the tea service, to, well, to help with the transition of the experience into an evening cocktail hour style event. You would need to not only act as a server to clean up the tea service, but also act as a mixologist   who could serve chilled Crystal champagne as easily as make a killer dirty martini for Katrina and I.  And there would be one more thing.” My voice got soft and sexy.


“yes, Mandy, what is that?”


You would need to wear one of my designer, sexy maid’s uniforms, act in a sexy, sophisticated, sassy, but totally submissive manner, treating me as your Dominatrix. You would wear a mask to hide your true identity until I chose to reveal who you are, if at all that evening. Based on my experience with you last Saturday, you fit all these descriptions, and a few more. So, well, if you”


“I will do it. Anything. I just want to see you again. That Katrina could be involved would be such a bonus. Also, I think Katrina needs a friend like you now more than ever and would do anything for you, my new Mistress, really, anything, if you let me be part of the experience.” There was a pleading in her voice. I usually do not hang with those who are needy or too clingy, but was intrigued about Katrina and this opportunity.




“yes, Anything, please Mandy.”


“Whips? Floggers? Nipple clips? Expandible anal plugs?”


“yes, yes, oh yes.” Shawna’s voice was a whisper, a sexy whisper.


“and, one more thing.”


“Yes, my Mistress Mandy, anything.”


You will need to get a tattoo right at the top of that beautiful ass of yours. It will, in stylized script say ‘Property of Mistress Mandy Love’.”


There was a pregnant pause on the line, and then: “OK, yes well, I mean, we only just met last week, but OK, I will and I promise, I will make you proud of me Mistress Mandy. Very proud.”


I smiled as I disconnected the line. Saturday was going to be fun.




I opened the door to my luxurious high rise condominium that Saturday afternoon to greet  a gorgeous very young woman. Katrina had soft, flowing shoulder length brunette hair which framed her face perfectly in a style I have used many times. She had stunning chiseled athletic features and yet, presented her gorgeous hour glass figure in a nonchalant, un assuming manner. I liked her instantly. No pretentiousness, no snotty manner, very down to earth. She had a model’s perfectly proportioned face and piercing blue eyes. We were about the same height, at least in hour heels, and I reminded myself to figure that out later if things progressed and our heels came off. Other than her eyes, we could have been sisters, except for how we dressed.


I was in my tight fitting hot pink skirt suit set which was very flattering, presenting myself as one who could be much older than I actually was. The blouse was a larger size of the same blouse I wore when I first met my Guardian Mistress so many years ago. I love the crotch closure mechanism  of the nearly skin tight silk garment which accentuated my tiny waist, but never bunched at the waist line of the tight fitting skirt. I wore a matching LaPerla bra and panty set which was so thin that you could not see it under the blouse, but presented my 32D perky breasts with just the right amount of cleavage. I looked elegant, but my young features threw Katrina for a loop.


Katrina wore skin tight ragged jeans that outlined her pussy lips  with some camel toe effect, and a skimpy halter top  with no bra that seemed barely capable of restraining her jiggling tits. The one tell-tale give-a-way of her wealth was that she was wearing a pair of exclusive designer Minolo Blanach  heels which retailed for over $2500.  I know because I own a pair myself. She carried a denim bag slung casually over one shoulder.


In contrast to the almost sloppy, slut like way she was dressed, Katrina had driven up to the house in a low sports car that my door personnel guessed would cost a small fortune. Such were the privileges of the super rich. I got the report from my front desk personnel who always looked after my privacy. My favorite security guard, Michael, call me after Katrina was led through the main lobby area into the exclusive elevators which serviced only the penthouse floors.


As I invited her in, she looked me up and down, like assessing a piece of art .


“This place is so beautiful. Your choice of furniture is amazing . Very much my stile.” the young heiress commented as we walked through the foyer and down the long hallway to the main entertaining rom. Katrina poked her head into a carpeted and draped room, flipped the light on and then off, then moved to the next one. “It’s really quite impressive.” She acted like she was thinking of buying the place With her newly inherited wealth, it seemed that many people had been trying to sell her things and maybe, when Shawna recommended that she visit me to learn more about Vixen College, that I, too, would try to sell her something . She was in for a surprise.


After I saw Katrina, I couldn’t help thinking to myself that I was overdressed in my cute, but business like hot pink skirt suit set, with what looked like, from under the jacket to be a business like blouse.

 Once my jacket comes off, the skin tight nature of the blouse and how it displays my young, hour glass athletic figure  and perky tits is another story. 


As Katrina marveled at room after room in my condo, I finally volunteered: “there are four bedrooms in all, a theater room, a chef’s kitchen, and a formal living room. The tea service is set up in the formal living room.” I was walking behind the young girl and the skin tight jeans were presenting her ass in an inviting way, with torn bits of fabric here and there to entice me to look for what might be underneath.


“Bathrooms?” How many bathrooms?”


“There are five bathrooms. Need to use one?”

The bathroom at the end of the hall was right before us, and Katrina said, “Speaking of bathrooms, yes, I could use one right now.”

Leaving the door open, the beautiful, thin, athletic young woman stepped into the large bathroom and quickly wiggled her hips to pealed down her tight jeans. Unconcerned that I was standing right there just outside the door to the bathroom, Katrina sat on the toilet and kept right on talking while she pissed.

“It’s a lovely house. By the way, how do you know my Mother?” the girl perched on the toilet seat her jeans down around her slim legs. I had not been particularly surprised to discover that Katrina was not wearing underwear.


“I might just buy it.” Katrina said in a matter of fact way.

“Well its not for sale.” I was a bit surprised at Katrina’s boldness, a product of her inherited wealth, I am sure . “But I do appreciate your taste for all things elegant.” I emphasized the word ‘elegant’ and took off my hot pink suit jacket. I stood in the doorway in my light pink skin tight blouse that displayed my tits like I was a stripper about to begin a dance, my jacket slung over my shoulder.


“as for Shawna, your Mother, well, we are friends, relatively new good friends who share an appreciation for all things elegant, decadent,  and edgy. We met a week ago when she visited my guardian Mistress’s Chateau to prepare some sort of flyer about the neighborhood. We got to talking and ended up spending the entire afternoon together. I think she believes I look a lot like you, and to be honest, I do see the resemblance. If I do say so myself, you are beautiful.” I looked down, and then back up at Katrina in a flirty eyelash fluttering way.  â€œThat afternoon, well, one thing led to another. The next thing we knew, we were talking about you. She has deep feelings for you, really cares for you , you know.”


“Yeah, my Mom is great, and sexy as hell for a woman her age.” Katrina looked up from her sitting position on the toilet, amused that I was not in the least put off by her peeing right in front of me. “She says you know something about Vixen College. Did you go there?”


“I am going there. I am just about to start my Junior year.”


“No fucking way. You look so business like in that beautiful hot pink suit. Love it, by the way. Very sexy, and the color. A very unique color that many cannot pull off, but you look amazing, more than amazing in it. You say you go there? How old are you?”


“Based on my conversation with your Mom,  we are exactly the same age. Actually, I think you are older than I am by 1 month. Like what you see?” I put my hot pink jacket on a door hook and performed a pirouette in the doorway for her, allowing my silky soft   hair to swing around. I ended up facing her in a modeling pose, hands up in my hair, my sparkling light brown eyes gazing at her.  I paused for dramatic effect, and then just leaned my back against the door frame, one leg up, head turned towards the young, beautiful woman, offering her a wink.


“Younger than me? No fucking way!’ She had a shocked expression on her young, beautiful face. “I need to hang with you more. You seem so sophisticated, so mature. My Mom wanted me to visit you because, well, I think she is a bit concerned about me as there is a lot going on in my life right now and, well, I guess I could use a friend who is not after my money.”  


Keeping eye contact with Katrina who was still sitting on the toilet, I offered, “Shawna, your Mom, said that you are really special and I would love to hang, to see if we could be friends. Also, your Mom mentioned that you are thinking about Vixen College Do you know anything about the College?”


“Damn!” I heard Katrina curse. “I’m sitting here with a dripping pussy, and there’s no toilet paper. I hope I have some tissues.”


“Katrina, is it. Well Katrina in my home, I have only smart toilets which do not use any toilet paper. When you are finished, you press one of three buttons, and you will be rinsed, washed with lavender scented warm body soap, scrubbed, if needed, rinsed again, and then air dried. All you have to do is sit there and enjoy the ride.”


“This button?” She pointed to the first of three buttons in a row on a control panel beside the elegant toilet. 


“Well, it depends. If you only peed, then yes. If you pooped, then press the one next to it. If you want the full treatment, then press the red one, and hold on.”


Katrina smiled a genuinely warm smile. â€œI like you. No bullshot. Right to the point.”  Katrina looked down and pressed the button for having just peed.


I heard soft cooing noises from Katrina as the smart toilet went through its full cycle, and a warm glow came across her face as the warm lavender scented body wash , followed by the final rinse and warm dry air freshened up her cunt. 


“That is amazing!  I need to get me one of these.   Next time, I will try the full treatment cycle.” She sported a devilish grin and wiggled her hips on the toilet in appreciation for the intimate technology. “Now where is that lipstick?” 


I turned my head to see the slender-hipped girl rummaging through her denim bag. Katrina’s bare legs were tanned and smooth, her firm ass was perfectly round, and from where I was standing, I could just see a glimpse of her smooth, bald, shaved pussy mound.

Becoming aroused at the sight  of this gorgeous young woman, I let my eyes take in the half-naked young girl without being overly obvious about it. The thought of my last encounter with Shawna and Jasminea made my breathing quicken almost imperceptibly, especially since I had played the part of Katrina when fucking her ‘Mommy.’

When Katrina set her denim bag on the marble tiled floor to look for her lipstick, it tipped over, spilling its contents. Keys, makeup, hairpins, math books and other small items poured out in a jumble.


Most intriguing to me, however, was a huge vibrator in the shape of a man’s stiff cock which had spilled out of her bag along with the other items. At least 22cm long, but not that thick, it was made of smoothly polished silicone and was black.


Not embarrassed at all, Katrina looked up, saw that I had noticed the sex toy, and nonchalantly offered: “That’s my pacifier. The last month or so has been rough. ” Katrina giggled, a young girl’s giggle,  when she noticed I was focused on it. “I get a better experience out of it than any man’s cock could give me, and there is no bullshit involved, just batteries.”


“Really?” I asked with feigned surprise and faux curiosity. “I’ve never even used one.” I lied, but who is counting . “May I see it?” I walked over to Katrina and extended my hand.


Picking up the 22cm long silicone cock, Katrina flipped it on and held it out for me to see and feel. The vibrator hummed in her hand. She reached out and offered the large dildo to me .


”Well, I guess this would do if you cannot get the real thing which might be larger and thicker.” I Said while looking directly into Katrina’s eyes which were focused on me to gage my reaction to her having a dildo in her messenger bag 


I examined the cock and mused  to myself at why so many of the larger dildos are black. Don’t get me wrong, I love black cock an in my many group sex therapy sessions arranged by my Guardian Mistress, I have enjoyed many a black cock. Contrary to popular belief, however,  size is only tangentially related to race and ethnicity. I have enjoyed many smaller black cocks than larger ones.


“You can change the vibration settings on it if you want,” she offered, releasing her grip on it and allowing me to look at it more closely. 


While Katrina scooped everything back into her denim purse, I examined the faintly buzzing silicone dildo. As big around as it was, I thought about exercising my anal outer sphincter ring muscles to determine how much I would have to stretch to take it up my T Girl pussy if I ever tried to use it on myself.


Examining the controls, “I like how you can program the vibrations.” I was almost whispering in a soft sexy voice  to generate more attention from Katrina. 


Now was the moment to push things. I looked up from the dildo and caught Katrina staring at me . “It’s getting me horny just holding it in my hand.”


Giggling, Katrina told me, “It’ll make your clit stand right up! Here, let me see it and I’ll show you how it works.”


Now I had my opening to push things further. â€œMy clit or the toy?”


This comment hit Katrina right between the eyes and caused her to pause. â€œWell, um, I mean, um, the toy, not your clit.” Katrina’s chest and face started blushing bright hot pink at my comment. 


“Okay, but I would show you my clit if you wanted.” I offered my statement like I was talking about a loaf of bread in the kitchen. I focused my attention to her eyes and slowly handed the humming vibrator back to the young girl who was still basically half naked on the toilet. When she gripped it, I held on for an extra second  and locked eyes. I wanted her to know that not only did I understand her situation, but would jump onto her thighs and give her a lap dance if she simply requested it.  And what a lap dance that would be since she had no idea that I was a T girl with a clit larger than her sex toy.


Her blushing continued, but she gestured with her head for me to come nearer . I wanted to get a front row seat to see what the young girl would do  with the sex toy so I moved over to stand right in front of the toilet and squatted    down 


I watched with ever-quickening breath as Katrina carefully unbuckled her sexy heels, kicked off her skin tight jeans, strapped back on her heels (I totally got why she did this as I would have done exactly the same) , and scooted her bare, firm  ass forward on the toilet seat. The pretty heiress stretched her long tone legs out in front of herself and spread her knees wide so that I was basically squatting between her knees.  I got a rush seeing in full bloom the lush slash of her pink cunt gaping lewdly when she did so.


I found myself staring up into Katrina’s glistening pussy, my eyes widening. The brunette-haired girl’s puffy outer cunt-lips were so large they protruded wetly, their pink surfaces slick with oily wetness and trembling slightly. She obviously had used her ‘pacifier’ a fair amount and her puffy outer labia lips reflected this, to say nothing about how her cunt love tunnel was winking at me, almost gaping from time to time. 


“Take a good look. I love showing off my body. I am a rich fucking exhibitionist” Katrina whispered in a sexy voice, basically an open invitation to me. I guess she liked what she saw of my body and wanted to entice me, to lure me in to play with her .


Spreading her bare thighs wider, Katrina then offered the vibrator to me, grabbing my right hand and putting it into my palm. â€œHere,” she said. “You help me.”


This was proceeding much better and at a faster pace than I had hoped it would. I like this girl.


As I watched excitedly, Katrina took the slippery folds of her thick cunt-lips in her fingers and slowly pulled them all the way apart. The tight pink hole of her pussy contracted wetly, the slick passageway throbbing with a quick flurry of little spasms. Gone were any thoughts of the elegant afternoon tea service I had prepared in the other room.


“See how tight I can make my cunt,” Katrina said with a certain amount of pride. “And it gets wet so fast, when someone is looking at me like this. Do you think I have a hot fucking cunt Mandy?”


“Oh fuck yes,” I hissed out in a low breath of peppermint laced hot air right on her cunt. I was feeling my own clit straining against my gaff, wanting to come out and play.


 â€œGod, Katrina I can’t believe how big your clit is!” Katrina’s clit protruded about 1.5cm from her skin, and I loved watching it engorge with hot passionate blood . If she only knew the truth about me. Patience, patience, I repeated in my head. She will find out soon enough about my clit.

With her fingertips, Katrina had pulled aside folds protecting her pink clit.

Swimming in glistening juices, the quivering nub of Katrina’s clit was fully as large as a small marble. It throbbed delicately, swelling and distending even as I watched.

“Yes, big and sensitive. I love showing off my cunt at jean shops at the mall. The young clerks don’t even say a thing as I leave the door of change room open as I try on jeans with no panties. They know I will drop a grand in their store so I basically get to do whatever I want.  The girls all watch as I spread my legs and show them my clit, and they love it. I can come just by rubbing it with one finger if a hot young girl is watching me.”

“So you like to rub large clits, do you?” I offered this knowing that things were escalating quickly now.


Settling back against the tank of the toilet, but keeping her legs spread wide with me between them on my knees, Katrina said quietly, “ Mandy, I love that you are so cool with all of this. Want to play with me?”


“”I thought we were already playing.” I winked at her and blew her an air kiss with my lips as I gently put my hands on her soft, smooth inner thighs. 


Katrina smiled. “Now take the vibrator, touch the tip all around my cunt, but don’t put it right on my clit yet. I like to save that for last.”

With practiced grace, I raised the dildo to my mouth, swirled my tongue around the tip, inserted the head into my mouth to lubricate it, and then manipulated the dildo tip into position.  Katrina was mesmerized by my actions, biting her lower lip with anticipation of what I would do next, watching my every move like a hawk seeking prey.


Katrina had her ass at the edge of the toilet seat, and the plump shaved cunt bulged out, her fingers still holding her slippery cunt-lips apart. I scooted in closer to the girl’s pussy.

With only the very tip of the humming silicone cock, I touched just below Katrina’s large clit.

“Ohhh fuck!” Katrina groaned, the smooth muscles in her thighs jerking. “I got a tingle throughout my well tucked clit. 


Keep doing it! Ohhhh! Do it until I come! Oh yeah and I am a squirter.”

Leaning in so close that I could almost taste the pretty young girl’s pussy, I started touching the buzzing vibrator all around Katrina’s pulsing cunt, paying special attention to the lower slit area and below on the skin between her cunt and her anal star. I noticed her eye brows raise when I momentarily touched the vibrating tip to her anal star. This young beauty was no anal virgin and I would enjoy taking her around the world, ending up with a deep exploration of her back door love tunnel, but that was for later.


Katrina’s blue eyes closed to half-slits and her heavy tits started rising and falling quickly with her heavy breathing. With a barely controlled wiggle, she squirmed her bare ass on the hard seat, her slender hips pumping gently.

“Stick the fat end of that cock up my cunt a few times!” gasped the young heiress, as her juices began to drip from her pussy, and into the water in the bowel. “Ummmmm! You are good at this. You like my tight cunt don’t you Mandy? I want you to fuck me with the vibrator! Push that black cock up my cunt! Ohhhhhh fuck! I’m so wet!”

Gliding the smooth silicone cock up and down along the length of Katrina’s gaping pussy, I was so turned on that I was laser focused on nudging the tip into her cunt, to quickly find her G spot.  I slipped the tip of the vibrator into Katrina’s pussy and pushed hard.

Katrina groaned, “ Oh fuck my young cunt loves it Mandy . Ram it all the way up my cunt! Go on, it’ll fit! Just shove it really hard! Uhhhh! Ohhhh!”

Even as incredibly wet and slippery as the girl’s cunt was, the huge size of the humming silicone cock made it a very tight fit into the young girl’s sleeve of a cunt. Pushing, working it in and out, and then pushing some more, over and over, it took me a few minutes to get the vibrator fully into Katrina’s dripping pussy.


“You like it deep, don’t you Katrina?”


“Oh fuck yes. Twist it when it is really deep. Yes, like that, Oh fuck yes, again.”

“It’s really in there deep!” I whispered, my fingers slick with Katrina’s cunt juices, the tips of which  were occasionally entering her cunt as I pushed the dildo deep inside her warm, wet love tunnel. I worked it  in and out of the pretty brunette girl’s pussy with short, quick strokes of my hand.


“God, you’re cunt has so much juice, it almost looks like you’re peeing!” 

Groaning with passion, Katrina slid her hands up along her slender, flat tummy, and began squeezing her full, firm tits through her halter top. Her nipples poked stiffly against the fabric, two dark rings with hard, pointy tips.

“Damn, you’ve got beautiful tits!” I told her, still ramming the vibrating cock up the young girl’s tight cunt. My focus was on her nipple pinching technique. As I love nipple play, I am always curious about how other women engage in their own nipple stimulation. Katrina was cupping her full breasts from underneath, then fanning her fingers over her stiff nipples, capturing the nubs in between each finger set and squeezing, before moving to the next finger set to squeeze again. When she got to her thumb and index finger set, she not only pinched the erect nub hard, but also twisted them, and let out a low moan. I could feel a little extra cunt juice dribble out of her pussy each time she used her thumb and index finger to pinch  and twist her nipples hard. It was so fucking erotic to watch her squirm and wiggle while I fucked her with the dildo, her tits jiggling with each upward thrust.


Kneeling on the marble floor in front of the $15000 toilet, I was getting warm with the exertion of pushing the dildo as fast and as hard as I could. I watched as the expression on Katrina’s face began to change. I knew she was close to an orgasm, her first of what I hoped would be many. I kept ramming the buzzing cock into Katrina’s pussy, my hand holding the dildo moving furiously, my other hand making sure that Katrina’s pussy lips were pulled open so I have a clear glide path to insert the sex toy without catching her outer labia lips 

“Ohhhh, fuck me Harter, deeper!” Katrina moaned, shuddering. “Push that big cock as deep as you can in my cunt! Ohhh! It’s vibrating the hell out of my pussy! Harder! Fuck me harder with it! Uhhh! Oh Mandy my cunt’s throbbing all over!”


Katrina quickly reached to the bottom hem of her crop halter top, and in a practiced, fluid motion, crossed her arms and lifted the top up and over her head, causing her tits to jiggle as they popped free from the tight garment .  . She pulled it away from her trembling body, then dropped the handful of fabric to the floor.

The sight of Katrina’s naked, full, perky  tits made me suck my breath in with a sharp sigh. The pretty heiress’ tits were two perfect and firm, the round undersides of both were damp with sweat. Tilted upward and pointing outward slightly,  they did, in fact, look like mine other than the color of the nipples. Katrina’s tits were framing smallish, dark  nipples with quarter sized areola Rings of deep crimson. Mine were more golden pink. 


Katrina’s nipples throbbed warmly and became even more distended the more she pinched and play with them.

“Wow, what beautiful nipples you have!” I breathed hotly, just the sight of them made me want to lean forward, push her hands away and start suckling. â€œAnd your tits are beautiful!”

Bending her knee outward suddenly, Katrina brought one bare foot up and rested it on my thigh. While I repeatedly jabbed the humming silicone cock up her cunt,  Katrina worked the toes of her foot up under my skirt which had ridden up to the top of my thighs as I knelt down before my new playmate


Katrina then pressed her toes against the front crotch area of my thong gaff. Thinking that she was wiggling them back and forth on top of my clit .  if not for the fac that Katrina was very near an orgasm, I am sure she would have questioned why my panties were not soaked with girl pussy juices.


With one hand still cramming the huge vibrator up Katrina’s hot cunt, I reached down with my other hand  into my skirt and unclipped the clasp to my pink skin tight top with its crotch closure. I pulled the tails of the top out of my skirt and lifted it up over my head, instantly switching hands on the dildo so that I could extract my right arm from the silky, stretchy garment without loosing a beat with my thrusting dildo movements. I tossed it onto the floor where it fell into a small puddle of silk and tech fabric.  I then used my free hand to unclasp my front closure LaPerla lacey bra and again, never slowing down the pumping motion of the dildo into and out of Katrina’s pussy, removed the bra from my upper torso. 


Katrina, who had had her eyes closed, opened then and ogled at my perfect breasts. Full, round, perky with upturned nipples. They were 32D, a bit smaller than Katrina’s, but what they lacked in girth, they more than made up for in firmness as my tits seemed to defy gravity, standing proudly from my chest, jiggling a bit with each thrust up of the dildo. 


Pushing out my breasts slightly, I took Katrina’s right foot, took off her shoe,  and pressed the girl’s toes onto my left nipple. Then, I coaxed Katrina to curl her toes around and pinch my hard and aroused nub. I held Katrina’s toes to my left nipple, and started to moan as Katrina got the idea and with some force, began to massage and grab my nipples with her wiggling manicured toes.


 â€œOhhhh, that feels so fucking good!” I groaned, shuddering at the barely coordinated and wild sensation Katrina’s toes gave my left nipple.


 I moved her foot and toes to my right nipple and she repeated the massaging and pinching toe manipulation of my right nipple . I new that I was prolonging the inevitable flood of Katrina’s orgasm with my toe to nipple play, but it was worth it. I was edging Katrina without her even realizing it since her focus was now on her toe manipulation of my tits, not on her cunt, despite my continuous thrusting of the 22cm dildo into and out of her puffy cunt lips, deep into her pussy love tunnel.


The visual stimuli of my gorgeous breasts and the tactile stimuli of the dildo thrusting into and out of her pussy had hit the tipping point.  â€œI’m starting to come!” Katrina gasped. “Slide the vibrator out of my cunt and use it on my clit! Uhhhh! Uhbhhhh! I can feel it starting! Ohhh, I’m going to come you fucking bitch!”


I liked how Katrina let loose and started swearing as her climax hit. Swearing at climax is always a good sign. She dropped her foot from my breast and braced herself for the orgasmic wave rolling her way.


I pulled the vibrating cock out of the girl’s tightly gripping pussy with one fluid motion. Pressing the slippery shaft of it lengthwise along Katrina’s trembling cunt-lips, rotated it 180 degrees so that it was pointing down, the tip now at her engorged clit nub, and then pressed the tip of it into the groaning girl’s throbbing clit. I leaned in closer and poised my mouth right at the entrance to her cunt. My open mouth was ready to create a seal around her cunt opening with my hungry lips.


“Ohhhhh fuck yes!” Katrina gasped, and began coming immediately. I moved in to press my lips to her cunt lips and sealed the opening to her pussy. She said she was a squirter and I did not want cunt juice flying everywhere, other than in my mouth. 


Katrina started screaming as her cunt pulsed and squeeze out a fine spray of sweet cum all into my waiting mouth. 


I held the dildo cock head  tip down on Katrina’s clit and pushed forward to add more pressure to my lips as Katrina’s ass was now bucking on the toilet. I did not want to lose the seal I had with my mouth on her pussy lips as I sucked her cunt lips into my mouth, cunt juices squirting out in rhythmic pulses.


 â€œOhhhhh, it’s so good!” “It’s vibrating on my big fat clit! Press it tighter! Uhhh! Ohhhhh God! Ahhh!”

Squirming under the impact of her climax, the sexy heiress with the big tits thrust her bare hips up and held them poised at my mouth, allowing my lips to maintain full contact. Katrina began pushing forward to grind on my mouth as cum spewed into my eager mouth, over my tongue and down my throat as I swallowed as quickly as she could squirt.   Katrina groaned from deep within herself, her hot cunt juices squirting out of her pulsating cunt and into my open and hungry mouth.


“I’m still coming! I’m still fucking coming!” she cried, her head rolling from side to side. “My clit’s throbbing so much I can hardly take it! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh! My cunt is on fire!”


When finally her bare ass sagged back onto the toilet seat, Katrina gave a last shivering shudder and closed her eyes trying to regain her breath. 


I pulled the dildo away, put it on the marble floor and turned it off. Then, I got up and sat on Katrina’s thighs, lifted up my right breast and fed my right nipple to the barely conscious young girl who instinctively started to suckle.  â€œyes, yes, baby girl, suckle my nipple. You were such a good girl.” I started stroking her silky soft brunette hair as she latched onto my right nipple and started to nurse. â€œSuch a good girl and you want more, need more, don’t you?”


Katrina moaned  in affirmation that she did want more, needed more.  Her energy was returning, the benefits of youth, and started nibling and nipping at my right nipple. I guided her mouth to my left nipple and she continued as I stroked her soft, beautiful hair, occasionally guiding her head to where I wanted her to focus her oral attention on my breast.


In only my hot pink tight suit skirt, heels, and nothing else, I laid out my royal flush  poker hand and took control.  I pressed the red button on the toilet and lifted my butt up so that Katrina could reposition her pussy into the laser guided cleaning mechanisms of the smart toilet.


Her eyes went wide during the soft scrub cycle of the full treatment procedure. “yeah, I have cum on these toilets many times, but I am just getting you ready for our next session.”


“next session?”


“Oh baby girl, you are not done yet. I want to take you to my Mistress suite and make love to you, to show you the wonders of the world, to make some of your fantasies come true!”


Katrina opened her eyes with a lazy smile. “Okay, you hot bitch,” was all she said, smiling at my use of ‘Mistress suite’.


“I will show you what a hot bitch can do to that cunt of yours. Now get up girl. You have work to do.”


We left our things in the opulent bathroom and wandered down the hallway. Katrina totally nude but for her heels, and me in only my tight skirt and heels. The rhythmic clicking of our heels on the marble floors was hypnotic.


Hand in hand. We stopped at the entrance to my luxurious Mistress bedroom suite, my luxurious boudoir. We turned to face each other. No words could describe the moment. Her beautiful blue eyes and my gorgeous light brown eyes locked onto each other, both sparkling, both searching for the emotion within . Finally, she leaned in. Our lips touched, ever so delicately. My lips laden with hot pink lipstick sticking to her glossy red lips. My little pink tongue making its way into her young, eager mouth first. Feeling her hard nipples on my breasts, my knee naturally pushing up and spreading her thighs, feeling her wetness between her legs. 


Our kiss became urgent, passionate, desperate. She wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me into a lovers kiss. My fingers intwined in her soft brunette hair. Hot peppermint laced breath shared between two young lovers. When I felt her cup my small, firm ass cheeks in the skirt, I knew I needed to get naked, to make love with this beautiful creature, this young girl who I knew would be one of my best friends, a new submissive lover to add to my Rose Community stable of gorgeous girls with whom to play.


Katrina broke the kiss and went into the room giggling. I flipped the light on and adjusted the brightness to be soft, sexy, sultry . I turned on the house music with a keypad on the wall and tuned the sound system to a Global Chill Streaming Station.


“Fuck, a hot little teen  must live in this room,” Katrina said, giving my hand a warm squeeze, “lets soak her sweet little bed with your cum Mandy.” Katrina jumped onto my plush four poster bed and locked back at me, begging me with her eyes to join her on the duvet cover. 


In her hand, Katrina carried the huge black vibrator. “Now I’m going to make you come like crazy.”


“Oh, yeah? Well I do not think we will need that toy, at least not to begin with for you to make me cum.” I started to unzip my tight skirt. I turned around and wiggled my hips to allow the skirt to fall to the floor. My back was to Katrina and I gave her a show of my firm, athletic ass as I bent over to pick up the skirt to toss it on a chair. I walked over to the bottom of the bed and seductively grabbed the bed post high up so that my arms were up. I twisted into a sexy pose and locked eyes with Katrina again.


Katrina looked pleadingly at me. â€œYou are so fucking hot. Those tits. So firm and your ass. Now get those panties off so we can play.” She looked down at the sex toy again. â€œI am really good at this, I mean using the toy. I promise I will get you off. There is just something about a hard cock that gets me off. I will get you off too. I don’t like guys, or at least I do not think  that any of the guys I have met are worth the trouble, but they do have cocks and I do Lov cock.”


“Sounds like what you need is a beautiful girl with a 25cm clit as your playmate.”


“I wish. That is my fantasy.” Katrina caught herself in her confession and started blushing. â€œWell, I mean, it would be hot to be with a girl, a beautiful girl with a cock.” She was looking down now, blushing more.


“good thing then. Let’s make your fantasy come true.” With Katrina’s eyes down, I had hooked my fingers under my tiny thong gaff and pushed it down my tone, tan legs, allowing my clit to spring free. I was so excited that it was engorging very quickly. By the time Katrina looked back up, I was half erect and presenting my version of a natural sex toy to her.


“Holy fuck. You, you, you are a T Girl? Holy fuck. You are so gorgeous, so beautiful, and that cock, it looks big.”


Girl. Call it a clit and yes, it is larger than your toy there.  So put that fake thing down an get ready to enjoy the real thing.”

 I cupped my clit from underneath and held it up to quicken its enlargement to full size, pointing it right at her.


Katrina was mesmerized, staring at my clit, mouth a gape and breathing heavily.  I climbed up onto the bed and knee walked over to where she was in the middle of the duvet cover. 


“Like what you see? Welcome to your fantasy.”


The sexy, soft brunette-haired heiress pushed me back on my bed then knelt on the duvet cover between my thin, muscular legs. Katrina was in some trance like state as her body seemed to have a mind of its own. She was in pure lust and I loved it.   


With my eyes, I beckoned Katrina to crawl up to be on all fours above me. I guided her nipples to match mine and pulled her down for a kiss. This time, she was the aggressor and ravaged my mouth with her tongue with a passion she might not have ever experienced.  My tongue probed into the sweetness of her mouth, my fingertips dancing along her sides, giving her goosebumps and shivers . I ran my hands eagerly up and down the pretty young girl’s supple body, squeezing and caressing her firm smooth flesh, pausing on her dangling tits.


“Oh, baby, you’re really horny, aren’t you Katrina?” I breathed hotly into her mouth as I whispered this to someone who could be my twin sister.  Katrina’s soft lips sucking wetly at my mouth which was hungry for more.


“I promise. It won’t take long to make you come!”

Still in my heels and nothing else, I wrapped my legs around the thin young girl, locked my heels together  and pulled her ass down to my clit as we continued kissing. My pelvis grinding my clit into her tummy when she finally spread her knees wide enough to sink her pelvis down onto mine, the girth of my clit nestled into the slit of her cunt.


“Like what you feel on your tummy. Just wait until it is inside that tight cunt of yours!” As I whispered this, Katrina shivered in an uncontrollable spasm, like she was having a nonejaculatory orgasm. 


“Yes, yes, I like it. Love it.”


Katrina trailed her mouth wetly down my neck. She kissed her way down my flesh feverishly, then moved down along the curve of my perky, firm breasts.


“Ummmmm!” I sighed dreamily when Katrina started suckling at my hard, erect nipples.  Katrina bucked against the grip of my legs around her tiny waist to release her. She wanted to crawl backwards down my body, and I let her.


Katrina reached down and gripped my clit, letting out a low moan of delight as her small hands caressed and softly stroked the head. â€œIts so big, so fucking big. I can barely hold it in one hand” 


“All for you babe.” I gently stroked her soft hair which was cascading down around her face, tickling my breasts as she looked down at my hard clit between us.  â€œI am going to stretch your cute pussy, your cunt, farther, penetrate you deeper than you have ever been before. You will scream in extasy and delight, over and over again, of that, I promise you.”


 â€œYou’re making me horny as hell!” Katrina was licking her lips as her salivary glands were working quickly to lubricate her mouth for what was about to be thrust into it.


Getting up on her knees on the bed, Katrina gave each of my erect nipples a few more hungry sucks, then slid her mouth down along my flat stomach.

“I love your skin,” Katrina said with a tremor of anticipation as her mouth neared my smooth, hard, but soft clit. “It’s just so silky!” She continued to delicately stroke up and down my clit with her soft fingers like a seasoned professional.

Katrina cupped the top side of my clit and brought it to her lips. She extended her little pink tongue and licked the soft flesh on the underside of my clit head, then pushed her stiff tongue firmly into my pee hole to torture me. 


“So sensitive. You minx. Stop that.  Get to work sucking my big clit down your pretty, young throat.”


Katrina took in the lovely lavender and vanilla scent of my crotch area, then eagerly licked all around my clit head, looking up at me like a girl enjoying her first ice cream cone .Eyes sparkling and excited.  Katrina opened her mouth wide and lowered her head down onto the slick center of golden pink clit flesh, probing with her tongue tip all around the crown of my helmet, and on the sensitive skin under the front side of my clit head.   Then she engulfed the entire head into her mouth and hummed. The vibrations of her throat were magical and got me to squirm on the duvet cover. 


“Oh, yes, yes you are my good girl, my nasty girl. Take it in your mouth. This is what a real sex toy feels like. Fuck yes, your tongue is so good.”, Spreading my thighs apart, I gave Katrina a nest  between my legs into which to kneel as she began to bob her head on my clit. “Eat me, Katrina! Take it deeper, use your hands to stroke it as you deep throat my delicious clit. Be a good girl for me! It feels so fucking good! Ohhhh! Suck my clit! Suck on my clit hard! Ohhhh fuck yes!”


Sucking as much of my hard clit as she could get in her small mouth, Katrina nuzzled her face lower and lower on my shaft. She must have been practicing with her 22cm black dildo for a while as her gag reflex was almost nonexistent. I loved that she had practiced her deep throat skills as it is such a turn off to hear a girl gag on my clit. Some guys like that sound, but I just want the feeling, a nice hum now and again, and no sloppy work to clean up later. 


Katrina was slowly, but surely, making her way down my shaft, moving up so her knees were right at my ass in order to get the best neck angle to take me deep in her throat. She pulled my clit down so it was angled towards my feet and pushed forward until I could finally feel her chin on my jewels. I gave her an appreciative pet on her head as she opened up her beautiful blew eyes and looked up at me. The sight was precious, one I would remember forever.  Her mouth stretched wide, nostrils flaring, small tears streaking down from the corners of her eyes due to the deep throat penetration, her delicate right hand resting on my thigh, her left hand cupping and caressing my jewels, and those sparkling eyes looking up at me for approval, for belonging. I loved it.


Katrina flexed her tongue when my clit was deep in her throat, and it was pushing my climax closer and closer to the edge.   She would pull back slurp up all her thick throat saliva to keep things tidy, and run her tongue out and over my huge engorged clit head, swirling her tongue, poking it into my pee hole to tease me, and doing all she could to adore the throbbing flesh shaft in her hands and mouth. 


“Your clit tastes so good!” Katrina whimpered, smacking her lips moistly at the tip of my clit. “You’ve got such a sweet smelling, wonderfully tasting clit.!”


Katrina sucked and lapped at my stiff, erect clit head, concentrating her efforts on the sensitive skin right under the head on the front side, using her teeth to nibble at it, bite it, suck it into her mouth, kiss the flesh until I was gasping for breath.


I squirmed and wiggled my ass, and  brought my knees up to give her access to my anal star. If she was good, she would venture South soon and I wanted to give her full access.


“I’ve got to get at your T Girl pussy!” Katrina moaned weakly. I love that she used the correct expression. Was she going to use her tongue or fingers, that was the question.


Reaching out and squeezing my firm inner thighs and hamstrings, she pushed so that my knees were moving up to my breasts and spreading  apart, forcing my ass up off the bed towards her face. 


“Spread your legs! I want to fuck you  with my tongue so fucking bad.”

As soon as I grabbed the backs of my knees and pulled up my ass, Katrina pulled her mouth off my clit and replaced it with her experienced fingertips as she kissed her way down my shaft, onto my jewels, and lower to the skin between my jewels and my star. I was excited and my star was winking at her.  


I felt Katrina’s free hand slide down under my ass and begin to pull apart my one cheek. â€œLet me help you baby.” I reached down and pulled my ass cheeks wide apart for her. I just love to be rimmed and could not wait to discover how skilled an anal rimmer Katrina was.


Katrina’s eager fingers found my pulsing T Girl pussy and probed into it, her fingertips pushing up into my coconut oil lubed back door love tunnel. Her fingers started to wiggle around, searching for my anal G Spot. She was good as she kept up her soft kissing all around my star as she probed with her fingers.

“Ohhh! I love it!” I gasped, pushing my hips down so that Katrina’s slender fingers stabbed deeper in my T Girl pussy.  â€œShove your fingers as far up my T Girl pussy as possible! Ohbhhh! Keep playing with my clit while you kiss my star. Yes. Like that. Oh fuck yes. Ummmmm! Uhhh!”


Then nothing. My eyes flew open and urgently wondered what had happened. I was so close to cumming.


Katrina crawled up my body and kissed me. â€œLet’s cum together, OK?” I nodded, but was not sure what she was doing, until she rotated around. 


“This way, I can deep throat you as I finger that tight, cute ass of yours while you eat me out!”


My mouth was instantly watering with the thought of kissing, caressing and sucking the cunt juice out of this young girl’s pussy in our erotic 69 position.


I reached around Katrina’s thighs and gently guided her ass down so that I could kiss her wet, almost dribbling pussy. She hooked her arms behind my knees and placed her hands on either side of my hips, forcing my legs apart and my ass up and off the duvet cover. She now had full access to not only my clit to deep throat, but my star to finger, or maybe, if I was a good girl, fist with her small hands.


Katrina edged back and forth to get into position. I loved the feeling of her hard nipples tracing random patterns on my flat tummy. Finally, she was where she wanted to be, needed to be. On top of me.  The feeling of Katrina’s writhing body on me felt so natural, so wonderful.


Katrina aligned herself so that she had one knee on either side of my head and then spread her knees so that her pussy laid right on my mouth . I could hear her moan that oh, so familiar, moan when my tongue made first contact with her female clit. 


“Now use that wonderful tongue on my pussy!” Katrina moaned huskily, spreading her shapely legs so that her dripping cunt pressed down more firmly on my lips and twirling tongue. 


I reached out  and scanned the duvet cover with my right hand. Amazingly, I found the 22cm dildo Katrina had discarded when she found out that she could play with the real thing. I switched it on and brought it up to Katrina’s pussy entrance. I wanted to focus on her clit and use the vibrating dildo to fuck her pussy with it.


“Yes, yes, Ram that big cock up my cunt! Make me come with it! Make me cum all over your beautiful face!”


Bringing both arms through the gap between Katrina’s spread thighs right above my mouth. I had to push her up a little to make room for me to use the toy and tongue her clit. She gratefully complied and pulled her knees in to raise up her cunt so I had full access.


I wedged the vibrating tip of it into the wet slit between Katrina’s quivering cunt-lips. Katrina stiffened with a groan. â€œOhhhhh! God, it’s like a million tiny spasms racing through my pussy! Push it all the way up me! Ohhhh! I love the way it feels going in my cunt! Ohhhhh God! It’s so damn big and hard! Your lips, your fucking lips are amazing on my clit, nibble on it.”


“Just wait until my hard clit spreads your pussy babe! In the meantime, take me deep down your throat. I love it when you wiggle your tongue with me in your throat.”

Centimeter by Centimeter, I shoved the humming silicone dildo up Katrina’s wet cunt, as I started to make figure eight patterns with my tongue on her engorged clit nub  I would nibble later. It is never good to give in to a lover’s demand too soon. 


My face directly below Katrina’s dribbling pussy lips. Katrina’s juices dripped down onto my cheeks, chin and mouth.


“Deeper!” Katrina moaned, still kissing, licking, suckling and deep throating my erect clit. â€œGod, the vibrations are shaking me to my core! Ummmmm! I can feel my cunt sucking at it! Give me every hard Centimeter of it!”


I was thinking about edging this young girl but her dirty talk was getting me off and I wanted to taste her cum again, so I buried the silicone toy in her cunt and started nibbling and nipping at her clit, using my teeth to increase the stimulation, but just enough, not too hard.


With Katrina’s arms pinning  the smooth backs of my knees up, my firm ass was up off the bed. She was expertly and lovingly kissing, suckling and deep throating my clit, and now began twisting and penetrating her slender fingers in my anal star. 

With Katrina’s tight cunt gaping more than ever with each deep penetration of the dildo into her cunt, I lingeringly tongued my way up and down the young girl’s pink juicy clit with more random tongue flicks, teeth nibbling, and lip sucking.


“Oh fuck, I love the way you’re eating me!” the horny young heiress groaned, my hand working the huge vibrator in and out of Katrina’s slippery pussy as fast as possible. “The way you’re sucking my clit, I might fucking cum before you do!”


I was close, but she was closer.


 Uhhhh! Lick me, Mandy ! Suck my big fat clit! Bite it! Work it with your magical tongue!”

Lost in a haze of lust, Katrina groaned again and again with the tingling tremors the humming cock sent deeply into her juicy cunt, to say nothing about my attention to her clit.


She urged breathlessly, “Push that huge cock deeper in my cunt! Fuck me hard and fast with it! Uhhh! Ohhhhh! Slam it up my cunt! Ummm! That’s it! Faster, do it faster!”


With my free hand, I reached around her thigh and found her pulsating anal star . I knew this would push her over the edge. I pointed two fingers and got them wet with her cunt juices ,then pushed them deep in her ass as I bit hard on her clit while the dildo was pushed up so far in her cunt that four of my fingers were buried into her pussy as well.

I pulled ruthlessly at the squirming girl’s clit with my teeth and then it happened. 


“Ohhh, fuck yes! Yes!” Katrina gasped when my sucking lips enclosed her throbbing clit. “Suck it right there! Suck my clit till I come! Ohhhh! It’s so damn sensitive! I am going to cum so fucking hard! Ohhhhh!”

Sucking hard at the little flesh cock which was Katrina’s clit, I teased at it with the tip of my tongue  and teeth until Katrina was sobbing with pleasure.


“Uhhhhh!” Katrina moaned, straining to straighten her legs which were pinned with my arms wrapped around her thighs. “You fucking bitch, Mandy! It feels so good, it’s driving me out of my mind! Ohhhhhh! Suck it!”

I mouthed Katrina’s pulsing clit eagerly, teasing and tickling it with her lips and tongue and teeth. I slowly added another finger two  my probing of her anal star and twisted the larger combination in a cork screw fashion as I double fucked the hot young girl with the dildo in her cunt and my fingers in her ass.


Katrina panted, “Ahhh! Suck my cunt harder! I’m coming! Uhhhh! You’re bringing me off with your mouth! Ohhhhh! Jab your fingers farther up my ass! Ohhh! I’m coming! Keep the cock deep in my pussy. Oh fuck yes, fuck, fuck, fuck, yes.” Katrina experienced a full body orgasm, completely abandoning my clit, my anal star and pushing her legs out straight. My arms were no match for her strong leg muscles and I just tongue massaged her clit since there was nothing else I could do with her pussy and back door passage locked out with the full body spasm.  She just froze in a plank like position with a silent scream on her lips for what must have been almost 60 full seconds. One full minute is a long time to be in a full body spasm and I was pleased that I was able to give her that present .

finally , Katrina came back to life. Straining with all her might to kick her legs free, the climaxing girl jerked and shuddered uncontrollably and a surge of cum washed over my face. I pulled out the dildo and sucked the thick cunt lips into my mouth as a second, third and fourth  set of waves of cum forced its way into my mouth and down my throat.


Katrina was a perfect fuck buddy for me. So responsive, and a big squirter. I love to just lock onto a wet pussy and suck the cum right out of my female partners .


Katrina then spasmed again as I slowly, gently lapped at her sensitive clit. â€œUmmmmmm! Oh fuck here coms another  one, Oh fuck. Swallow my creamy cunt juice, you fucking pussy sucking bitch!”


I just love it when my girlfriends cum and start the dirty talk. Resuming my sucking of the thrashing girl’s pink clit feverishly, I brought Katrina to a series of back to back to back orgasms. Four in total right in a multi-climax series that had her screaming my name with several ‘bitch’ accolades thrown in for good measure.   I varied my technique to bring her higher and higher with each successive climax . Just when she would finish one, I would change the tongue flicking, sucking, kissing, biting sensation on her clit to rise her up to the next level. 


Finally, she calmed down enough for me to pass her the vibrating dildo. I wanted her to use it in my anal star as she finished off the blow job she had so selfishly abandoned several minutes ago as her series of orgasms hit.


With her hot mouth  now again giving attention to my rock hard clit, I tapped her on the shoulder with the dildo and she got the idea.    There was little I could do to further rotate my ass up to give er more penetration access while still making sure that her neck angle was perfect to deep throat me, so I settled for whatever I could get in terms of anal stimulation and hoped for the best. After all, this was our first experience and I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt in terms of skills.


Katrina   put the dildo into her mouth to lubricate it, a good sign. It had her cum all over it and it must have been delicious. After making sure that it was well lubed, she pointed the tip at my winking star. She tentatively, at first, probed my anal opening as she held my clit head in her mouth. Her multi-tasking skills were good as her tongue never stopped flicking, her mouth never stopped sucking as she began to work my back door passage with the humming vibrator. Her strength returning, she propped herself up on one hand to be in a better position to take me in her mouth and work the dildo with the other hand. I started a slow circle with my ass to entice her to continue.


I found that her gentle probing of my anal love tunnel was   perfect. As she pushed it deeper into my tight back door wetness, the millions of tingling electric spasms suffused my tightening T Girl pussy which  was delivering more pleasure  than I had expected, or was it that a beautiful young girl was laying on top of me, her lovely pussy just centimeters from my lips, her nipples pressing into my tummy, her mouth caressing my clit. 


“Oh, fuck yes! Katrina, you are so good, so fucking good with your mouth. Work me. Make me cum!”  I rasped hoarsely, my fingers clawing at Katrina’s firm, pert ass, really the only thing I could reach with her on top of me. “push the toy deeper in my ass, Oh yes, deeper. I can take it, oh yes, more. Find my anal G Spot. Right there stop, go back. Right there. Oh fuck yes. You are going to make me cum.”


With one hand delicately probing my anal love tunnel with the vibrating silicone dildo, Katrina  refocused her efforts on her oral attention to my long, thick, clit.


“You like it when I fuck your ass, bitch, you like it like this. Gentle, but deep?”


“Oh, yes fuck my star, you are so perfect. Don’t just jam it in there. Work it carefully on my G Spot. Make me cum with your technique, not your force. I shuddered. “Uhhhh! Don’t stop! Uhhhh!!”

Katrina held the vibrating dildo directly on my anal G spot, sealed her mouth around the head of my clit, twisted her face on my clit and feverishly worked her tongue around my clit head. There was nothing I could do. My eruption was big, the orgasm an earthquake. I had been edging for so long making sure that she came, over and over, that my final release was like falling over a waterfall. With butterflies in my tummy, I could feel my love juice pump up from my jewels, into my shaft and past her lips, through my pee hole and into her sucking mouth. She was sucking so hard that I could actually feel my cum being pulled out of my shaft and into her eager mouth. I was in heaven.


As my clit was erupting, my body went out of control. My legs  shot out and went stiff, my hands slapped at Katrina’s firm ass, a torrent of cum spurted out of my clit and into Katrina’s beautiful mouth, which did not spill a drop. 


Katrina pulled out the vibrating dildo from my ass in time to  put her hand on my shaft to guide it into her mouth as I bucked. She stroked the slippery shaft and took the second blast of my cum full on her beautiful tongue. Katrina groaned and sucked my clit deep into her mouth as a third and final flush of cum left my convulsing clit and spurted directly into her open throat. 


Katrina new how to milk the most out of my orgasm and then milk the most out of my shaft so that when she was finished, I was truly drained.


“Ohhhh stop!” I finally got out in between panting breaths.


Katrina rocked back and allowed my clit to slide out of her mouth as I pleaded. â€œMy clit head is so sensitive, I can’t take anymore! P, please a moment babe.”


Katrina delighted in her efforts to make me speechless. She lifted up and rotated around so that we were, once again, face to face, nipples to nipples, lips to lips.


I laid my head back on a plush pillow. “Come here and kiss me.” She needed no more of an invitation.


Katrina kissed me lingeringly, her hot pussy pressing into my still erect and hard clit between us, her hands finding my firm breasts to caress and fondle.  I loved the taste of cum on her tongue.

Teasing at my lips with her tongue tip, Katrina breathed a hot breath into my mouth and whispered, “We are going to have to do this again sometime.”


“Sometime. Babe, we are just getting started.” I noticed a surprise expression on Katrina’s face. She was not sure what to make of my last statement.


Right then, we both heard it at the same time.


There was a soft knock on the door frame to my bedroom. Standing in the doorway of my bedroom suite, was a beautiful older woman in a full designer sexy maid’s outfit, complete with duster and eye mask so that she could not be identified. It was Shawna, right on time, and  what a sight


Shawna was in the LaPerla designer maid uniform I had purchased especially for her to wear  today so she would, theoretically,  have an easier time sliding into her submissive sex slave role.  Shawna had outdone herself with gorgeous make up and hair style. She was looking particularly gorgeous today. The uniform was a typical French style maid outfit: a black skin tight semi sheer mini spaghetti strap dress which flared at her hips, only covered half of her tight, beautiful firm ass with lacey ruffles around the hem, had a semi sheer white apron in front, tied around her waist with a bow in back right at the smallest part of her feminine hour glass figure. The dress barely covered her breasts and nipples which were pushed up and out with a corset / bustier  she wore under her dress. The corset cinched her waist to a small 60cm and really accentuated her hips and broad shoulders for such a thin woman. She wore a black leather very low cut thong style panty which just covered her outer labia lips and her clitoral hood. The panty  had just strings on her hips and through the crack of her ass. The thong panties had a cute whale tail just at the top of her firm, muscular ass. She had garter straps on the corset connected to her black thigh high fishnet stockings in front and back clearly visible as the hem of the dress barely came down to the thigh gap at the top of her muscular thighs. She wore black patent leather shiny 4 inch close toed heels with gold buckles and spikes. The heels made her legs seem much longer than they were, and she knew it. I was pleased that she wore the special gift I got for her for this occasion. A black soft leather choker collar with her name “Shawna” in gold script lettering on it around her slender neck. It matched her black and gold dangling earrings which were so sexy. 


Shawna wore white fingerless lacey elbow length gloves which contrasted well with her black, lacey uniform. The smooth, tan skin of her shoulders, upper back and chest with alluring cleavage made her outfit just that much more provocative. She wore a black ribbon in her luscious, thick, blonde hair which was put up today into a French twist of sorts. I wanted her hair out of the way as she would be doing delicious things with her mouth and I did not want her long blonde hair to cause any issues.   Shawna was the quintessential image of a tall, early 40s super model in a designer, skin tight, sexy maid’s outfit.  Today, she would begin her training as my newest submissive sex slave.


When Shawna saw Katrina and I on my four poster bed, I saw her nipples harden and start poking through the semi sheer fabric of her lacey, skin tight maid’s dress. She tried to hide them with the feather duster in her hand, but she knew that I knew.  Her glossy red lips puckered as if to pout, but like a good submissive, she knew that she was not to talk unless I gave her permission.


“Who the fuck is that?” Katrina’s voice was harsh as she rolled off me , keeping me between her and the door. Katrina was blushing as she snuggled next to me in a futile effort to hide her gorgeous naked body.


Talking to Katrina but looking at Shawna, I responded. â€œThis is the server I hired for our afternoon tea service. She will cater to our every need, no matter what we might desire. Food, drink, massages, and more.” Gesturing for Shawna to enter I continued, with a bit of poetic license for effect. â€œI am trying out a new service called ‘rent-a-mother’ so let’s call her Mommy today. Mommy, come over here and kneel by the bed.”


“yes, Mistress Mandy.”


“Mommy, I want you to address my beautiful young girlfriend guest as Mistress Katrina, got it?”


“Yes Mistress Mandy.” Shawna now looked directly at her own daughter. “Nice to meet you Mistress Katrina. I will be your Mommy for the day, do anything you desire, provide you with anything I can. refreshments, food, massages, anything.” Shawna’s voice was in a soft, sexy whisper and she winked at Katrina as she walked over to the bed.

, ,

Shawna was so excited that she was almost trembling. Her deepest, darkest fantasy of making love with her beautiful young daughter was about to come true. She almost came while standing in the doorway watching Katrina 69 with me, Katrina shuddering with several strong multi-orgasmic climaxes while she took my long clit deep into her mouth and throat.  Two young nubile girls having sex on the bed was just over the top for her, but to her credit, she kept her professional composure and walked elegantly into the room, slowly lowering to her knees on the carpet right by the side of the bed. My ‘rent-a-mother’ comment got her to smile and when I told Katrina that we were to refer to her as ‘Mommy’ for the day, I noticed that she was wiggling her hips a bit more than usual as she walked to the bed.


“Yes, Mistress Mandy. Mistress Katrina. May I get either of you anything.” Shawna knew enough about submissive sex slave behavior to lower her eyes, clasp her hands behind her back and push out her breasts as she slowly lowered herself to her knees.


“It’s like having a really cool toy, don’t you think Katrina? I can get her to do anything I want. I can even tell her to obey you and do anything you might want her to do. Cool, huh?”




“I think so. Try her out.”


Katrina crawled over me and sat on the edge of the bed, dangling her feet over the side and spreading her legs. She was still wearing her designer heels and they made her feet look so sexy. Whatever initial inhibitions Katrina may have had about my hiring of a servant for the afternoon who obviously watched us just fuck each other silly, were now gone and she was getting into it. She looked right at her own Mommy, but did not know it.


“Ok then. Mommy, is it? Well Mommy, do you like the look of my pussy?"


Shawna lifted her head and stared into the most beautiful cunt she had ever seen other than Jasminea’s small, tight pussy she had enjoyed last weekend. "Yes Mistress Katrina, very much. It is beautiful, like a flower in full bloom."


"Would you like to lick it?"

The excitement in Shawna’s voice was now evident as she had to clear her throat to continue.  "Very much Mistress Katrina.”  she said. Her eyes were a bit glassy with lust, and her voice breathless.

Looking over at me, Katrina said: "This should be fun.” Returning her attention to Shawna   â€œOK Mommy,, let’s see how good you are at going down on a young girl’s cunt. Be gentle. I just had 10 orgasms ripped out of me by this vixen here.” Katrina gestured to me and I smiled at the label “Vixen’ she gave me.


Katrina had barely finished speaking and Shawna was lunging forward, on her knees and burying her face in Katrina’s young puffy slit, with glistening outer labia lips. â€œyes, Mistress Katrina, I will do my best.” Shawna was in full lust mode and it would be interesting to see if she could control herself to give only gentle lapping tongue flicks on Katrina’s sensitive female clit.


Shawna, as I knew from last weekend, was no amateur, she extended her tongue and licked up Katrina’s slit once, found her rock hard clit, and started sucking on it gently like a baby on a bottle. Katrina started to moan but realized that she might be overstepping her guest status with me. I appreciated that she looked at me with a “is this ok’ type of look. I  nodded and added some fuel to the fire. â€œKatrina, how is mommy? Is she doing a good job licking your pussy?” I felt a tingle in my clit which had deflated after my orgasm and readjusted my position so that it would have room to grow hard.


Katrina was almost panting. â€œShe, she

 Is good, really good. Fucking good. Mommy is going to make me cum, aren’t you Mommy. Make me cum Mommy, but be gentle, I am still a little sensitive down there.”


I watched Shawna shudder with delight as Katrina was calling her Mommy as she ate out her young daughter. Without saying anything, Shawna brought two fingers to Katrina’s pussy, traced the outer labia lips, twisted the fingers and then gently inserted them into Katrina’s pussy love tunnel. Shawna curled her fingers upward and found Katrina’s G Spot immediately and started a gentle circular motion, while still softly suckling on Katrina’s hard nub of a clit.


“Oh fuck, I’m cumming, how did you do that Mommy, fuck yes, cumming, I am cumming!” Katrina grabbed tow fistfuls of Shawna’s up do hair and pulled her face into her pussy while at the same time pushed up her pelvis to give Shawna better access to her cunt. â€œyes, Mommy, make me cum Mommy. Oh, My god, yes, right there. Keep your fingers right there, your tongue right there! Yes, yes.” With that, Katrina squirted a small portion of love juice on Shawna’s fingers and shuddered with a mini orgasm. 


Katrina pushed Shawna’s face away and fell back onto the bed, resting her head on my tummy.


“Holy shit, that was good.”


“tell her that. Tell Mommy that she did a good job.” I was smiling and winking at Shawna who was all smiles.


“Yes, oh yes. Mommy, good, very good job.” Katrina was just regaining her breath. “You were a good Mommy. I will want more of that later.”


Yes, Mistress Katrina. I am here for you both. I will do anything you desire, just command me.” Again, Shawna was using her soft, sexy whisper voice.


“maybe we should start the Afternoon Tea service now Katrina. Mommy, please bring in a bottle of Crystal champagne from the refrigerator and an ice bucket. Set it up over there by the two arm chairs. Mistress Katrina and I will freshen up and return in a moment.” 


“yes, Mistress Mandy, as you desire Mistress Mandy.” Shawna got up from her knees and left to get the refreshments.


“You got to be kidding. How the fuck did you arrange for this service?” It is awesome and I definitely want the contact information for the company as I will hire them on a weekly basis. This is so fucking cool!


“Yeah, it’s cool, and going to get better. Come with me to the master bath to use one of the smart devices to freshen up and fix our make up.” I Grabbing Katrina’s hand, I pulled her off the bed and we walked hand in hand to the opulent bathroom so she could press the red button again.


While in the bathroom I opened a secret drawer without Katrina noticing and pulled out a small vial. It contained a special potion that Marci, my Beta Delta Gamma sorority sister  and neural biologist major had concocted as a special project in her lab on campus. It acted like an inhibition blocker, and something of a powerful aphrodisiac , the neural biology agents in the potion also acted like a truth serum, getting those who are exposed to it a feeling of euphoria when they tell the truth. Katrina seemed cool with everything so far, but should she find out that my maid for the day is her Mommy, things might spin out of control, and controlling a situation is quickly becoming one of my specialties .


"Here Katrina, You should try this perfume, it's nice." with that I handed her the atomizer and quickly left the bathroom. I did not want to be dosed.  â€œBe sure to put some on your wrists and behind your ears. I just love the scent. Also, give your pussy a big spritz as I want to smell the scent on you there.”  I giggled at this and knew that the absorption rate would be that much faster through the mucus membrane cellular skin around her genitals.


“OK, sure,”  was all I got as I returned to the bedroom area of the master suite.


Katrina fussed with her make up which had been in need of touching up ever since I had cum in her mouth, and all those tears flowed from her beautiful eyes when my clit would go deep in her throat.  The make up took a while and it was perfect as the potion would be taking effect while she fussed with it.


Katrina walked out of the bathroom smelling of the potion. “I like it. What is it called?”


“Truth” I lied but it was sort of true.


“I am getting a tingling feeling all over. Is that normal. She  smelled  her wrists and her eyes closed for a second. "Smells kind of sexy." she said.

"Just wait a second and it will get even more sexy as the chemistry of the perfume interacts with your personal body chemistry.”  The smile on my face was getting hard to control so I turned away from her and walked back to the bed. â€œCome join me on the bed for some champagne.”


Katrina steadied herself on her heels, and shook her head, as if to clear it. The potion was working and with her small frame, she would be completely under its influence in a matter of minutes. Maybe the time it would take to enjoy one glass of champagne.


Shawna returned with a drinks cart and proceeded to open a chilled bottle of Crystal champagne, pour two flutes and hand them to Katrina and I, her maid’s uniform dress pulled down so that the tops of her nipples now almost showing in obvious demonstration of her arousal.  Without saying a word, I just pointed to the carpet by the bed and Shawna nodded her assent, resuming her submissive sex slave position again on her knees. When she saw that Katrina was head back, sipping her glute of champagne, Shawna mouthed ‘thank you’ to me and blew me an air kiss with her lips. I blew her a return air kiss with mine.


Not long later, Katrina was glassy eyed and seemed only in partial control of her  head as she played on the bed, propped up on all the plush pillows . I would catch her giving her nipples a pinch now and again, as if she was testing something . She would also use a finger to lazily trace around her female clit as she sipped her champagne as we listened to the music I had started on the house sound system.  It was so comfortable just hanging without saying anything. A true test of a friendship is to be able to hang without filling the room with silly conversation on topics which mean nothing.  It was like Katrina was experimenting with her pussy sensations as she delicately traced her fingers on her lips and around her clit, almost as if she was not sure why she was doing it. I loved to just watch her and marveled at the effect the potion was having on her. 


Shawna was like Pavlov’ dog as she watched Katrina sip her champagne. I could see her swallowing her excess saliva again and again, in obvious anticipation of soon, having her mouth on either my clit or her daughter’s pussy.  Her eyes were glued to Katrina’s fingers tracing patterns on her bald, perfect pussy. I noticed that Shawna would squirm a little as she seemed to want to reach down and play with herself, but she knew that as my submissive, only I could allow her to do that


I turned my attention to Shawna and enjoyed with fascination how things had evolved from just last week.  I took in her body, her breasts were as perky as could be, and capped with smallish pink nipples and areolas. She had absentmindedly allowed her dress to pull down with her movements and now her nipples were visible. I would have to punish her for that later but right now, I enjoyed the view.  She had lovely large red nipples that seemed to have ideas of their own, and I knew what those ideas were.


Handing a small bottle to Shawna, I softly commanded. "Go into the bathroom and put some of this perfume on. I like the scent and I want you and Mistress Katrina to match scents. Be sure to spritz your pussy and wrists. Also, I want you to take three full deep breaths of the perfume by Inhaling deeply  after you spritz  a cloud in front of you. Let me know what you think.”


“yes, Mistress Mandy.” Shawna got up off her knees and walked over to the bathroom. I watched through a mirror as she spritzed her neck and behind her ears. Then, she held the bottle at arm’s length and spritzed it directly into her face, taking a deep lung full of the potion. She repeated it twice more, just as I ordered. What a good submissive she will make. She carefully lifted up her short skirt and pulled down her thong. It seemed like she gave her pussy three full squirts of the perfume, the last one with the spray nozzle actually buried between her engorged outer labia lips to ensure that she got a full squirt up her cunt. She then brought the atomizer back up to her nose and took in another deep breath of the heavenly scented perfume potion. With such a heavy dose, she would be all mine, willing to do anything I wanted, no matter what, in a few minutes. I just did not want anything to upset the control I had over the situation and it will be so fun to stage the big reveal later between Mommy and Daughter. 


Facing the mirror, Shawna’s back was to me. Shawna’s legs were gorgeous in the Black stockings, held up by the garters of a lovely, lacy black  corset tightly cinching her waist.  She noticed that her nipples were showing and pulled up her dress to just cover them, but the nubs of her nipples were quite visible through the thin fabric.  Her small, low cut thong panties were now back in place and I watched with raptured attention as she struggled with the small patch of fabric to tuck her swelling outer labia lips under the small garment.  It did little to hide the freshly shaved pussy that was quickly creating a small damp spot.  Her heels accentuated her legs and gave her a ‘soccer mom meets high priced call girl’ sort of look . I liked it.


Finally, I noticed that the potion had done it's work, with the engorgement of Katrina’s labia causing them to protrude in an unnaturally erotic manor.   It was time. 


I leaned over and gathered Katrina’s soft, silky hair and pulled it back tight  into a high ponytail, as Shawna walked  back into the bedroom in an unsteady manor, thanks to the heels and the potion.


Katrina’s makeup was flawless. Crimson lips, pink over the eyes, and she looked like an angelic little princess.   Shawna had returned to her kneeling position on the floor by the bed. Both of my girls were ready, and I would use them to fulfil my erotic fantasy of fucking a Mommy and daughter at the same time. 


“hand me the small bottle.” I took the pottle of potion from Shawna. â€œOpen your mouth and stick out your tongue.” Shawna complied without hesitation. I put two drops of the potion on her tongue. â€œSavor this my pet. Swirl it around in your mouth and then swallow it.”


I turned to Katrina. â€œOpen your mouth babe and give me your tongue.” Katrina blinked slowly and stuck out her small pink tongue. I put two more drops of the potion on it and gave her the same instructions to swirl it around and then swallow it . My clit was engorging just at the thought of what was going to be possible with my two playmates this afternoon.


Katrina seemed to be horny, and willing to do anything asked, but not really understanding what her own body was doing. Shawna had a glassy stare as she kneeled on the rug next to the bed.


“Such a good girl Mommy. Now stand up and take off your dress, remove your panties, then come up onto the bed with us, just your corset, gloves, stockings and heels.”


Shawna complied and in seconds was down to the sexy part of her maid’s uniform. Nipples were hard and erect, pushed up and out by the corset / bustier. It was sexy to watch her hook her fingers under the side strings of her thong and peel then down her legs. I could see that her pussy was glistening and her clit was engorged.  She crawled up onto the bed and got on her back between Katrina and I.


I told Shawna to play with her breasts and nipples for us. She scooped each out in turn, and started to pinch and pull her nipples with abandon, as her legs spread without thinking.

"Your mommy is sexy isn't she?"   I asked Katrina.

 She did not even notice my use of the word ‘your’ before ‘Mommy’.

"Yes." came a slightly horse reply. "Can I do that to?" She added

"You can." I stated "Or I can help you."


Slightly puzzled, she looked up and nodded.

" get on your knees and face me." She did without hesitation.


her chest was right at my face.  Her full, firm breasts were round, her chest pushed out as if to offer herself, her breasts, to me. She had two hard and perfect pink nipples, like her mother, hers were small in diameter, but with the nipples sticking out at least 3cm. I leaned over Shawna between us and suckled each greedily, as if my life nourishment depended on it. She moaned as she put her right hand around my head, holding me firmly to her left nipple. As I looked up, I saw she was watching her mother intently.

When I pulled my self away from my new lovers breast, she stared at her Mommy still enjoying her own tits. Shawna was laying on her side, facing Katrina, pinching and rubbing her right nipple, and showed off her flexibility by using her left hand to bring her left nipple up to her mouth. She first flicked her left nipple with her tongue before enclosing her entire mouth around it to nurse on it like a starving baby. Her hair had flew across her face, and hung there as she looked through strands of blond, at me watching me suckle her daughter.


Now, for the reveal. 

"Mommy, , do you think Katrina is sexy?" I asked her. I knew the answer, but wanted to use this misdirection to introduce to Katrina the idea of having sex with her Mommy. 


"She is, she is, so lovely, so sexy, so beautiful" Shawna stated, before going back to sucking herself.


"Shawna, does Katrina get you excited?" I asked, "Do you want her?" Katrina was still dazed, and looked longingly at both of us as I continued to suckle her nipples, alternating between her right and left, making sure to use my lips to get them fully engorged before moving to the next.  She did not even seem to notice that I called our masked submissive servant ‘Shawna’.

"I want her so bad." gasped Shawna.

"Shawna, how long have you wanted her? How long have you thought about Katrina in a sexual way?" I questioned.


"Forever." was her simple statement. I was getting more excited by this, all this had nothing to do with me, Shawna truly lusted for her daughter.


I decided that it was time to move things forward. I released Katrina’s right nipple and got off the bed, walked around to the other side of the bed and sat on the edge. I Spread my legs, my hard clit standing proud and pointing up. 


I called over to Katrina. "Come off there sweetie" I told my new young lover Still a little unsteady on her heels with the potion in her system. She slid off the bed and stood in front of me. I reached out and steadied her. Pulling her to me between my legs, I gazed into her beautiful eyes. I gave her a kiss, starting slow, and working slowly to engage her tongue to mine. Her mouth was small, her tongue so delicious and sweet.


I pulled away from her slowly, and with a slight whimper from Katrina, she forgave me as I brought her mouth to my right nipple. She was licking her lips as she realized what I wanted her to do. She was eager.


"So Shawna, did you ever do anything about your lust for Katrina, your beautiful daughter?"  I held Katrina’s head firmly to my breast as at any time, she was going to figure things out and I was not sure how the potion would work in such an emotional moment.  Shawna couldn't take her eyes off her daughters mouth wrapped around my nipples.


"Yes." came the quick response, now using both hands on her now red nipples.

"When? and what did you do to our precious young princess?"


"When she came home one time really drunk, she passed out on the couch in the living room. I took off her skirt and started licking her pussy, working her clit with my lips and tongue. She tasted so sweet, so delicious . I did not stop until she squirted her young girl cum in my mouth.” 

"Did you enjoy it? I asked "Did she?" Katrina kept nursing on my right nipple, not responding yet to the conversation. I switched Katrina’s mouth to my left nipple, giving Shawna a better view.

"I did, she did to. I took her cherry that night with my fingers deep in her pussy , and I got off by using her fingers to fuck myself on her hand with her passed out. She began moving her fingers as I moaned while kissing her lips and even started kissing me back with her small tongue as I worked almost her entire small fist up my pussy . That was an amazing orgasm.


"Do you want to do it aga..?" I didn't even finish before she answered an enthusiastic "YES." Yes. I want to kiss her, to make her cum, to make love with her as we stare into each other’s eyes!”


"Shawna, you may now play with you pussy and your ass, but no clit, and no orgasm." I told her. She quickly buried her middle and ring fingers on her right hand deep in her pussy, as her left hand went around behind to tease her ass.


"OK Katrina, come around here." I pulled her off my nipple with a bit of a sucking sound, exciting Shawna even more, turning Katrina , I guided her to sit on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off the edge, legs spread wide, back arched, breasts pushed out.


the wet sounds of Shawna filled the room as she fingered herself rapidly, her middle finger buried in her ass now, legs spread wide for me to see all of it. Katrina's long, silky soft legs hung from the bed, her head hung slightly sideways, watching her Mommy finger herself, and rubbing her nipples  with her hands.  Katrina’s nipples were magnificent They stood proudly off her full, round jiggling breasts .


I slid off the bed and noticed that Shawna’s eyes were glued to my clit, watching its every move, every twitch.  I gave it a couple of soft strokes. That seemed to get Shawna even hotter. After locating my new bottle of Astro glide, I returned to Katrina sitting on the side of the bed.


Katrina’s legs were spread wide, without me ever telling her. As I approached, I gave in to my urges, dropped to my knees in front of her


hairless lips parted in front of my face.  Her clit poked out beyond her lips, it was larger then Shawna’s. I kissed her gently on her clit, and she brought her legs up and to open her pussy wider for me. I lowered my head lightly and gave a big tongue kiss to her sweet young tight pussy, and she responded with a moan. Her pussy was wet, and opened itself as far as it could for my tongue, and was still tight. Given what I had already done to this pussy today with the 22cm dildo, I was surprised that it had bounced back and was tight. Wet and tight . the lube was going to be unneeded, at least until I fucked her in the ass.


After feasting on Katrina’s sweet pussy for several minutes, she almost came twice, but not yet. I was edging her into a much larger orgasm later with my large clit buried deep inside her pussy. She needed to get used to the fact that her source of pleasure is my clit, not a toy she carries around in her messenger bag. 


I stood to see Shawna staring at Katrina like a wolf looks at a deer. Shawna was filled with an animalistic lust that turned me on even more as she continued to double fuck herself hard with her fingers.


Pulling Katrina so her ass hung just off the bed, I lifted her legs, moved in between them, and she held her legs up and spread wide. I raised my rock hard clit with my right hand, bringing it right to the opening of her pussy. This was going to be glorious. How had I resisted fucking this beautiful young girl for so long this afternoon. I was going to wait no longer.


“Katrina looked down. â€œIts so big, so fucking huge. Will it fit?”


“yes babe, and you are going to not only love it, but you will throw away your dildo and come over anytime you need something large in your cunt from now on.”


Katrina just stared in awe of my clit, the tip of which was glistening with her cunt juices as I rubbed it up and down her slit.


Now for more immersion into our playtime.


Mommy, get behind Katrina, wrap your legs around her and hold up her breasts as I work my clit inside her wet and inviting pussy.”


Shawna needed no further instruction as this fantasy come true was getting better and better for her. She snuggled up right behind Katrina, pushing her pelvis into Katrina’s ass, put her legs under Katrina’s so that she could force Katrina’s legs wide open by simply spreading her own legs, and reached around to cup and fondle Katrina’s firm, perky breasts with nipples hard and erect.


“Katrina, do you love your Mommy?” I was still sliding my clit head up and down her slit, making it more and more lubricated with her pussy juices which were now flowing.


“Mommy? Of course I love my Mommy.” Katrina’s focus was on my large clit about to penetrate her puffy, pussy lips. She reached out and stroked my sides, almost gripping my hips to pull me in to her.


Then she realized something. â€œwait . Which Mommy? The one behind me or my real Mommy?”


With Shawna now holding Katrina by her breasts, I pushed my clit in about 15cm to pin her between Shawna and I.


“Oh fuck, that is big, so big!” Katrina had her hands on my hips and was not pushing me away. More like holding me in place as her cunt got used to the girth of my clit.


I took advantage of the momentary distraction of my clit pushing it way into her tight pussy . “Katrina, the Mommy behind you is your real Mommy.” I reached up and removed Shawna’s mask so that she could begin kissing and snuggling Katrina’s neck and shoulders.


Katrina immediately registered my comment and twisted her neck around, only to be met with Shawna’s lips which locked onto Katrina’s to begin a forced French kiss. Katrina’s words were muffled with Shawna’s tongue in her mouth, but I was pleased that Katrina was not struggling at all. She was just surprised more than anything.  She reached up with her right hand and pulled Shawna’s neck to her so that they could kiss more deeply. 


“Katrina baby, Mistress Katrina, I love you, I have always loved you and today, I will show you how much. I want to make love to you my gorgeous daughter. To let you make love to me.” Shawna resumed her tongue dance in Katrina’s mouth and I noticed that Katrina was now reciprocating with her own tongue into Shawna’s mouth. Maybe it was the potion, maybe Katrina always had had a thing for her beautiful Mommy. It did not matter now as they both seemed to melt into each other with their kissing. Shawna continued fondling Katrina’s breasts and nipples, and I continued penetrating deeper and deeper into Katrina’s pussy with my rock hard clit. It was so arousing to watch the moment unfold before me. Shawna’s fantasy coming true, and Katrina realizing that she was kissing her Mommy in a lover’s kiss.


Shawna finally broke their kiss to give Katrina an opportunity to respond.


“Oh Mommy, I had no idea. None. If you had only told me, Oh My god, Mommy, I do love you, need you.” This time, Katrina turned her head as far as she could and started making out with Shawna, moaning into Shawna’s mouth as I was now just letting Katrina get used to the girth of my clit, moving just a few centimeters in and out of Katrina’s pussy. Shawna had let Katrina lean back on her as I fucked the young girl  and Shawna just cooed in Katrina’s ear with “you are such a good girl“,   and “be a good girl and please Mistress Mandy for Mommy” as she stroked Katrina’s breasts, fondled her nipples and kissed her neck with soft kisses and tongue licks.


My clit head pushed in with some resistance. As I pushed, Katrina moaned a groaning moan that seemed somewhere between pleasure and pain as my clit was much thicker than her vibrating dildo toy. She was seeming to love both the pleasure and pain sensations, allowing them both to mix in her mind. As  my clit head moved through her opening, her pussy shut tight around it, and she let out a kitten like whimper of pure pleasure. I started pushing more of my clit shaft into her young cunt, and again she groaned a lustful groan, and then the kitten like whimpering moan as her cunt eagerly swallowed my entire clit head and then some more.


With her legs under Katrina’s, Shawna spread her own legs to further spread Katrina’s, giving me even more access to her young cunt. Watching Katrina lean back on her Mommy, turning her head to kiss her Mommy all the while Shawna was cupping and fondling her firm breasts was such a turn on. My clit became even harder as I continued my slow penetration of her tight pussy.


 â€œyou are such a good girl . Take Mistress Mandy’s clit. Take it all baby girl. Your Mommy loves you and I’m right here  It was like Shawna was offering up her daughter on an alter for me to bless with my clit. for you baby girl.”


Another 5cm, another groan of lust, followed by the kitten moan. As the thicker part of my clit shaft began to make its way into her tight pussy there was more grunting and groaning, but even as her pussy was beginning to be stretched wider than ever before, much wider than her dildo toy, she moaned lustfully as her pussy lips shut tight around my clit shaft.  It was an unusual sound to hear her groan into Shawna’s mouth as they occasionally kissed. 


Shawna’s focus now was on the junction between Katrina and I. She was mesmerized by my clit disappearing into her daughter’s cunt. She was just watching in a blissful euphoria. With almost 25cm in her, I started to pull out, slowly. Again Katrina alternated between a lustful grunting, and kitten like moaning, grunting, moaning, grunting, moaning. Her head lay back on Shawna’s shoulder as she closed her eyes to enjoy the experience. 

"Do you like this Shawna? Do you like watching me fuck your little girl?" I asked her  while looking directly into her glazed eyes. The euphoria of telling the truth hit her. 


“yes Mistress Mandy, I love watching your large clit disappear into my daughter’s pussy. I want you to fuck her until she screams in my arms. I want her to understand your power, your skill, your love.” Shawna kissed Katrina’s ear lobe and nibbled on it whispering “take it baby, take it all. You will feel so good soon, Open up for Mistress Mandy.”  These words elicited additional moans of pleasure from the girl who had no idea that her entire world would change today.


Shawna’s eyes now locked with mine. "Yes, oh yes, fuck her Mistress Mandy. Make love to her. Give her everything. She deserves it, needs it, wants it.”


Pulling back and thrusting forward again was delicious.  Katrina’s pussy was just as tight each time I pushed forward and I appreciated the volume of cunt juice she produced to keep things slippery. I just loved her grunting and groaning, followed by the lustful moaning continued with every forward thrust.  In 22cm, out 22cm, in 22cm, out 22cm, always leaving 3cm inside her pussy love tunnel. . Her tight little cunt never seemed to loosen up, and after about 5 minutes, I could see her little cunt lips getting bright red. With other plans in mind and much more of the afternoon to implement them, I started to pull out. From 25cm deep inside, groan, kitten moan. 22cm inside, grunt, kitten moan, 20cm inside, 18cm inside, 15cm inside, 10cm inside, 5cm inside, her puffy pussy lips were curling out as I withdrew. Shawna was focused on the junction between us and was moaning in sympathy with her daughter as it was just that fucking hot. 


Katrina’s little slit was red and engorged, and still very wet and slick. As I started to pull the last 5cm out, she could tell what I was doing, the most surprising thing happened.


“No Mandy, you are not finished yet.” Two smooth, tone, and tan legs  with stilettos strapped to her feet raised up, and I could feel   the sharp spikes of her heels on my bare ass. Then those legs showed remarkable strength, pulling me back in to her, her heels digging into the flesh of my ass, spurring me to re-enter her pussy . With the extra leg force, I entered her pussy faster now then before. Katrina was luxuriating back on Shawna’s breasts, as if she was in a lounge chair, demanding that I fuck her some more. 


With Katrina’s insistent heel pressure, my clit disappeared with ease, the grunting and groaning seemed to lessen, while the moaning became louder, but still very kitten like.


After 6 strokes or so, Katrina took it all the way. Her heel pressure did not stop until our pelvises were flesh to flesh, my jewels pressed up against her ass. She wiggled her hips to rub her clit against my skin and cooed “Look Mommy, I took it all.”


My new young girlfriend lover put her hands on my tiny waist and focused her blue eyes on mine. I knew what she wanted so I gave her control . She pushed me out just as fast with her hands and then pulled me back with a combination of her hands on my hips and her heels on my ass . She swallowed my clit in her bald tight cunt faster then I thought she would enjoy, but she was in control. 


“Oh fuck yes Mandy. I am getting used to you and your big clit is wonderful. Fuck me Mandy it is so my fantasy to be fucked by a T Girl and Oh My god, what a perfect T Girl you are.”


The moaning was louder, and faster, and more perverse and thrilling. I let her control the pace now, using her hands to push me out, and wrapping her legs around me to pull me back in. Soon I could hear the slapping sounds of my flesh hitting her flesh as our pelvises crashed into each other. She was moaning almost constantly, and pulling me in harder and faster each time.

I looked down as she pulled me hard into her, and when we were flesh to flesh, you could see a slight, but noticeable bump in her flat tummy as my clit pushed from the inside. Out again, her hands pushing away, her eyes locked on mine. She started kicking my ass to get me to go faster.  The bulge in her flat tummy p[poking up each time I bottomed out within her. 

“Shawna, play with her clit as I fuck her.”


“With pleasure Mistress Mandy.” 


Shawna released her breasts and reached down to target her clit. Shawna’s arms were just long enough wrapped around Katrina to allow her left hand to pull up the skin around Katrina’s clit to expose it, and the right hand to start rubbing it. She used a crisscross pattern at first and Katrina’s moans were immediate.


“Oh fuck Mommy, yes, yes, work my clit. Oh My god Mandy’s clit is so big, stretching me, Oh fuck yes, harder on my clit. Yes, like that, fuck yes.”


Katrina looked up at me, blinked, "Fuck me hard, all the way in. As deep as you can go"

I was taken by her statement, and I obliged. Out fast, and in hard, watching my clit poke out her tummy with every thrust. Shawna had noticed  the pace and timed her clit rubbing with my inward thrusts. Katrina was about to blow and it was going to be a big one.


As I fucked her daughter, Shawna rotated her left hand so that she could feel my clit poking out from Katrina’s tummy with each deep thrust.  â€œSo fucking hot Mistress Mandy,” was all she said as she stared down at my clit disappearing into her cunt, again, and again, and again.


no more than for or five more deep strokes after Shawna had placed the palm of her left hand on Katrina’s tummy still feverishly working her clit with her right fingers, Katrina climaxed with an orgasm I have never seen the likes of before. Her body started to shake, her eyes rolled back in her head, her legs came up again, and her silken embrace around my ass held me in even tighter. She shook, and trembled so much I was worried for a moment. Then everything in her body relaxed and she melted back into her Mommy’s embrace.


As I pulled my clit out of her, I could actually hear the sucking sounds of her tight cunt trying to hold it in. It was so perverse and nasty I almost came right then. 


She lay there for a moment, Shawna slowly stroking her cheeks, giving her soft kisses on her chin and neck, lazily fingering her nipples. Katrina’s cunt gaping open in a way unnatural but expected given the fucking she had just received.  With Katrina’s legs spread wide, her pussy gaping, she looked so damn erotic and sexy in a sacrifice on an alter kind of way.


A creamy liquid was oozing out of Katrina’s cunt.   She would have squirted all over me but for the fact that my big clit was buried inside her pussy and acted like a cork. The same girl cum was all over my clit shaft which I would get Shawna to lick off in a moment. Katrina’s cunt which was normally bright pink, now was red and puffy. She looked adorable, so fuckable. I would have re-entered her  right then to fuck her again to cum deep inside, but for the fact that I had other plans.

"Her pussy is messy, as is my clit" I told Shawna.  "Clean them both, my clit first"

As Katrina lay back, half aware, Shawna scrambled from behind her and off the bed, crawled on her knees to me and began to devour my hard clit. With gentle licks, sucks, an full mouth vacuuming action, she made quick work of all the girl cum on my shaft, jewels and surrounding area.


When my clit was clean of all the creamy girl cum, she looked up at me and acted like she was going to start deep throating me, but I looked her off with a glance in Katrina’s direction. With no need for words, Shawna bot back on her hands and knees to crawl to her daughter, legs still spread and dangling over the side of the bed.


She snuggled up between her sweet babies legs, lined up her mouth with a beautiful young cunt, and started licking every bit of her dilated cunt. She licked and sucked her outer labia clean, then the inner. She spread her lips and licked deeply in her cunt. Reaching down, she put her hands behind her daughters knees, lifted and spread them as she got up on her knees for more access. She then bent over and began to lick clean Katrina’s ass, licking all the pussy juices that had flowed down the crack.


I had moved over to Shawna, standing right behind her. "Do you want to cum?' I asked Shawna.


"Yes, oh please yes."


"Have Katrina eat your pussy until you squirt on her face." I told her.


She jumped on the bed, and without a moments hesitation, squatted down over Katrina's sweet face. She brushed a few random strands of hair from her daughter’s lips, and wiggled her hips to position her pussy right over the young girl’s mouth . 


Shawna was so turned on that her juices were flowing and a small amount of her pussy juice dribbled out of her cunt and poured from it onto Katrina's lips. She spread her cunt wide, and dropped forcefully on to her daughters face.


"Suck my clit you little slut" she told her daughter.

Katrina had little choice, but showed her willingness by raising her hands to palm her Mommy’s firm ass to guide it so that her tongue could target her clit better. In just a few moments, not even a full minute, her lips touched her Mommy’s clit, sucked and flicked hard and then bit down hard. Shawna immediately fell over the edge and rocked in an incredible orgasm, similar to Katrina's in intensity. But the older woman added a steady flow of fluid from her slit, pouring on to Katrina's lips and mouth.  As Katrina seemed to be almost drowning, her mother was to deeply engaged with her own orgasm, that she did not notice Katrina gagging.


I jumped on the bed, and pulled Shawna  by the hair forward so that her cunt was no longer in contact with Katrina’s mouth. It was just enough so she could breath. Small threads of liquid streamed from Shawna’s cunt, bathing Katrina's face in a glossy glaze. As Shawna came back to her senses, she got off Katrina, and sat beside her.


"Clean her Shawna." I said sternly.


“Yes, Mistress Mandy.”


Shawna went to licking her daughters face until all traces of her thick, creamy woman cum had been removed.


"Katrina," I said, "I need to cum now, would you like to suck me off, or let me fuck that cute, perfect ass of yours?”


I was surprised by her response. She had obviously regained her composure and senses. Her daring youthful exuberance shined through . “You want to cum, do you? Well I have just the thing. You are going to fuck Mommy in the ass  with that marvelous clit of yours while I fuck you in your anal love tunnel with my vibrating dildo. I have a harness for it in my bag. I want you to cum deep in Mommy’s ass and then I will suck it out of her and kiss you with it!”  


I tried my best to hide my erotic shock at her words, but damn, she really knew me and we had just met.  Getting into an anal fuck train is something I had not yet done, but it was on my list and, well, here was the opportunity I had been waiting for.


I recovered quickly. “Well, well, well Mistress Katrina, aren’t you the beautiful flower in full bloom now. Yes, that sounds like a great idea.” I looked over at Shawna still on all fours on the bed. â€œShawna, get to the center of the bed and rest your face on a pillow, I want you to reach back and pull your ass apart for me.” Again looking back at Katrina. â€œYou, my little Vixen, go get your harness, and get that box over on the chair.”


I grabbed the Astro glide and tossed it to Shawna. Prepare yourself. I want you to enjoy this as much as I will.”


“Yes, Mistress Mandy.” The gleam in her eye was unmistakable .Last weekend I never got the opportunity to plunge my clit into her ass . Too many fingers and tongues available for that, so this would be my first chance and she seemed eager. Watching her insert the application tube into her cute firm ass told me all I needed to know about her anal training experience This was going to be fun.


Katrina had returned to the bedroom and without hesitation, she came over to me, arranged the harness in her hands, and said "I want to fuck you." She fumbled with the harness for a moment, got it on, and I tightened it down good, with the inside clit rubber right on her hard clit. I got on the bed and kneeled behind her Mommy. 


I took the box and took out a nipple clip harness with chains that connected the nipple clips to a mouth bit that encircled her head, crisscrossing chains across her back with a clit clip to pinch her female love button. 


“Now be a good girl Shawna and act like the prized philie pony you have always wanted to be.” With that said, I clipped the alligator clips onto her erect nipples, her hard clit and inserted the bit into her mouth. When fully harnessed, she looked gorgeous and the two leather straps were looped so that with gentle tugs here and there, I could control the pain and pleasure she experienced  with the chains and clips. I could here her hiss in a breath each time the alligator clips closed on her nipple flesh, and a shudder of a mini orgasm when the teeth of the alligator clip settled onto her clit. Just before I placed the mouth muzzling bit in her teeth, she winked and said: â€Thank you Mistress Mandy. I will be a good pony for you!”


I tugged the bit into place and pushed her back onto all fours, using the reins to orchestrate her body movements to wiggle and jiggle for me. I finally got her to lower her head to the duvet cover, spread her legs,  arch her back and stick up her beautiful ass. Her anal star was oozing the Astro glide lube and my rock hard clit wanted in.


Shawna had been using the time wisely to get her anal star to wink, and by the time I lined up my hard clit to her star, she was pulling her ass cheeks apart as far as she could, her star winking and dribbling Astro glide from its center like an aroused pussy. Her head  was down on a pillow, her nipples pushed into the duvet cover to increase the sensation of the clips gripping her flesh, ass up . She looked so sexy in her corset which cinched her waist with the garter straps framing her firm ass and the fish net stockings. The whole package just all looked so erotic.


What really made the package perfect was the tattoo right at the top of the crack of her ass. â€˜Property of Mistress Mandy Love. She wiggle her ass proudly to demonstrate her obedience to me when she knew I was looking and then fingering the tattoo. My first sex slave, marked and branded. It felt so fucking cool.


I pushed my clit head inside Shawna’s anal star with gentle pressure and she moaned in appreciation for my delicate touch. She knew I could have jammed it into her, but no need as I am a very considerate lover and want my submissive partners to yearn for our sessions, not be afraid of them like with some FemDoms.


I tugged on her reins to get her to moan and worked her star slowly, gently, but with the Astro glide and her anal tunnel relaxation techniques, I was jewels to ass in a matter of 5 strokes. Shawna was groaning and moaning with pleasure with each stroke, each tug of the reins to increase the pain and pleasure on her nipples and clit, her verbal appreciation muffled by the bit in her mouth. I thought about cuffing her hands behind her back, but she was being such a good slave, I did not bother. With the potion and her obvious desire to be my submissive, I think she would do anything I commanded of her, without hesitation.


It felt good to be in Shawna’s ass. Tight, but not too tight. She must love anal play as I bottomed out in her easily, passing her outer and inner sphincters with each forward thrust, my hands working the reins with expert precision to orchestrate her movements for my pleasure. I knew I was not going to last long if I allowed myself to just enjoy the feeling, so I began my tantric meditation technique to not allow me to fall over the edge of my next orgasm. Good thing Katrina had sucked a big load from my clit earlier, or I would have blown  my load in just a matter of Minutes.


Once I had a good rhythm going with fucking Shawna’s ass, I returned my attention to Katrina who had already lubed up the 22cm thin dildo pointing out from her crotch in the harness.


I spread my knees a bit, laid down so that my nipples were pressed into the flesh above Shawna’s corset on her back, and looked at Katrina over my shoulder.  I padded my ass. "come get it baby".


My long, naked, slender, tone and tan  legs, more like Katrina's then the lovely curves of my new submissive slut Shawna, opened for my young lover. As my T Girl pussy made a wet sound as I began winking it at Katrina, I could feel her climb onto the bed and position herself behind me . Katrina crawled closer to me on the bed, moved between my legs and stood on her knees. Walking on her knees closer, staring at my anal star, she brought the head to my Back door love tunnel , and in one slow, fluid motion, gently pushed it all the way in, not stopping until I could feel her thighs on my ass. 



I reached under Shawna and cupped her breasts with the nipple clips. I squeezed the clips to coincide with the thrust from Katrina. Each time Katrina would move forward, I would increase the pressure on her nipple clips, and when Katrina was flesh to flesh with me, I twisted Shawna’s nipples in addition to squeezing the clips. The sensation was too much for Shawna as I could feel her shudder with mini orgasm after mini orgasm with each deep thrust of Katrina into my ass. 


“Oh fuck baby, when you go for it, you go for it!”

. I gasped, but her eyes never left my T Girl pussy. Before I was over that initial shock, she had it pulled out and thrust all the way back into me. Her slim hips seemed to match up with mine, and I could feel her hands on my back and sides as she leaned over to engage in a Mandy sandwich. I could feel her hard nipples on my back as she pushed me into Shawna, my clit buried in Shawna’s ass as Katrina was buried in mine .


She began to pick up the pace of fucking me and I found the rhythm with Shawna so that when I pushed forward to bury my clit in Shawna’s ass, Katrina would withdraw from mine, and when Katrina would drill me, I was withdrawing from Shawna’s wiggling ass  but squeezing her nipples hard and tugging on her clit clip. It was really arousing and it took all my concentration not to boil up to an orgasm.


Katrina began a reckless abandoned pattern which threw me off my rhythm with Shawna and I lost concentration.


“You are going to make me cum if you keep that up you Minx!”


“that is the idea Mandy. Cum for me and shoot your load into Mommy’s ass.”


I came just moments later, Shawna wiggling and squeezing her ass to capture my clit, Katrina working my anal G Spot, us all pressed together, moaning. I think Shawna even had a larger anal orgasm with all the action behind her and my big clit stretching her anal star to the limit.


I happened to look over at the wall and caught the three of us in a mirror. the sight of my young girlfriend lover behind me holding my hips, thrusting forward, her full tits jiggling was just too much to take.


Katrina reached under me and found my nipples as my hips bucked against her, her hands started pinching my nipples hard, and then my orgasm hit the next level.


“Yes, Yes, Yes!” I hissed in a breath as release of dopamine flooded my central nervous system.


When Katrina leaned down and bit me on the shoulder, I screamed with an orgasmic bliss never before achieved. My clit spurted a large shot into Shawna’s ass which was already flooded . Her pussy juices sprayed my thighs and soaked the bed underneath us.

Once I recovered, Katrina stayed inside me with the dildo, just lazily stroking in and out of my anal love tunnel, gently stroking my ass and sides with her delicate fingertips.  I released Shawna from her harness and told Shawna to  flatten out, rotate around and  clean me up with her mouth   


Katrina, love, pull out your toy as Mommy is going to clean me up with her tongue.”


Katrina sat back on her heels and watched glassy eyed as the obedient Shawna quickly lapped up all my excess cum everywhere, including around and in my anal star . She spent more than enough time pointing her tongue deep in my star as she knew that I loved to be rimmed.  She finished up with a deep tongue French kiss of my star, pulling apart my ass cheeks so that she could plunge her eager tongue as deep as she could, savoring the taste on her tongue.


I finally rolled over and laid back on the plush pillows contemplating our next experience, and then it dawned on me I needed to tap into Shawna’s fantasy.


"Katrina," I said, pulling her dildo off her harness, "You fucked me good, and I fucked you good," She nodded, "But your mommy needs a good fuck too." And then I pulled out a large dildo from a secret compartment under the bed, 25cm long and 5.5cm thick . It was an exact replica of my clit when fully engorged. Serena, my maid and private sex coach, had given it to me as a house warming present when I moved into my new luxury high rise condo. 


I attached the lifelike silicone dildo to her harness. "Think you can fuck her good?" I asked her.

"Spread you legs slut" was her only reply to her Mommy. "NO, instead, get on your knees, on all fours, I'll fuck you like the good, obedient bitch you are."

Shawna agreed all to eagerly, rolling over, up on her knees, with her face on the bed. She then reached around with both hands, and spread herself wide for her daughter. Not sure if it was the potion or her lust for Katrina, but it was fun to watch how quickly Shawna got into position and flicked her blonde hair onto her back, looked over her shoulder and winked at her daughter in a flirty gesture.


"Spread your knees wider cunt." Katrina scolded her Mommy. â€œArch your back and stick that ass up in the air!”  Katrina held the large dildo up with her right hand so it was parallel with the bed, pointed straight at Shawna’s pussy.

Shawna did as she was told, lowering her cunt to the level of the massive dildo protruding from her daughters harness. 


“Yes, Mistress Katrina. I will be a good bitch for you. A good fucking bitch.” 


The dildo was beautiful, hot pink in color but a handful for Shawna.  No matter, I knew Shawna would obey and do her best to please Katrina, the potion in full effect now for both of them. 


“Hey, babe, use some of that Astro glide on the toy. I do not want to hurt Mommy.” It was a suggestion, which came out more like a command.


“Sure. Why not. I want to ride her for a while. Mandy, which hole should I fuck?” She grabbed the lube, and lathered the large shaft and head of the toy thoroughly, and then put some on Shawna’s cunt and anal star.


“I would love to watch you fuck her pussy and get her to scream your name when you make her cum.”  I winked at Shawna. “Besides, I just fucked her ass and her pussy needs some deep massaging attention.”


Katrina nodded. She had no inhibitions whatsoever, probably the potion. She started pushing the enormous dildo inside her Mommy who's pussy resisted the intrusion. I crawled over to get a better look. To help Katrina, I worked Shawna's labia lips out wide, around the dildo to help, as Katrina pushed harder. Shawna groaned loudly. She pushed with her arms against the bed, back against her daughters thrust, doing all she could to engulf the toy. I rubbed her pussy lips, which were stretched tight, and rubbed her anal star which was winking with excitement .  Then Katrina noticed it.


“Is my Mommy your sex slave? What is this tattoo?”


“yes, she is my sex slave and will do anything, whenever, wherever I wish Isn’t that cool?”


All Katrina could do was nod her head in her lust filled haze. â€œYeah, so cool. Can I be your slave too?”


“Maybe, but right now, I want you to fuck your Mommy.”


Katrina drew back a few centimeters, then thrust hard at her Mommy’s lubricated and stretched pussy opening. Shawna screamed at the pressure, the dildo move a slight bit further. Another withdrawal, and Shawna, whimpered "Oh, My Fucking God. It is big. So big. Go slow Mistress Katrina, please.”."  Katrina did not pay much attention to Shawna and thrust harder at the cunt in front of her. Shawna screamed again, and buried her face in the bed, but pushed her ass up higher and began wiggling and circling her ass in an obvious demonstration of her arousal.

"Keep driving sweetie" I encouraged.

Katrina smiled and reached forward, grabbed her mommy's hips, and thrust with all her might. The dildo slowly forced it's way in, as Shawna moan with pleasure as her cunt was, once again like last week, stretched to accommodate my clit, this time driven by her beautiful daughter Katrina. The dildo made it in 5cm and stopped.

"Keep going sweetie, she wants it all." I said "You want it all don't you Shawna?"

"Yes, fuck me Katrina, fuck me hard. Mommy wants your big cock inside, deep inside."

Katrina was off to the races, driving hard, harder, driving that dildo in and out, soon 10cm were gone, Shawna was groaning, panting, and moaning. Katrina drove hard and soon every centimeter had disappeared, and Shawna's belly distended just as Katrina's had for Me. I held my hand on her tummy, feeling the thrusts from Katrina extend her abdomen.  The thrusting was fast, and hard, and soon my hand was joined by Shawna's, who seemed to get off on feeling her own tummy distorted. My free hand soon found Shawna's anal star which seemed to be begging for attention. I lubricated the fingers of my left hand and one, by, one, I inserted then into Shawna’s ass, Once I had all four fingers in, I curled my thumb into my palm and made a cone shape with my fingers. The lust filled scream from Shawna when my knuckles passed into her star almost made me cum, it was so sexy a moan / scream of “Yes, Yes, Oh Fucking Yes.” 


I could feel the dildo through the thin wall between her pussy and anal tunnel. It was so cool. I knew that the size of the dildo would essentially exhaust the pussy fucking opportunities with Shawna’s cunt for the rest of the day, but I was finished fucking her anyway. 


Moments later, Shawna came hard with Katrina pushing the dildo deep in her cunt, me fisting her ass, twisting my knuckles on her anal G Spot, and me massaging her sore nipples with my free hand. Shawna was such a little slut, begging for more when the apex of her climax hit. She came violently again, bucking and thrusting back at Katrina, and a flood of fluid poured from her cunt, splashing down on the bed as it escaped her stuffed and stretched cunt lips.

I withdrew my fist from Shawna’s ass and marveled at how I got her anal star to gape. Then, Katrina pulled out the dildo with little concern for her Mommy, Shawna groaned as the sudden absence of the pole in her pussy love tunnel .  The sight was memorable. Both Shawna’s holes were gaping, and oozing juices as she lay there, head down, ass up. 


Katrina smiled and looked over at me with a “Wouldn’t that make a cool picture?” look on her cute face which was flush with exertion.


"Oh, look at what you have done Mommy. You sprayed your cum all over the bed Tisk. Tisk. Clean up your mess on the bed. "  I commanded. And Shawna spun slowly, lowered her head. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and guided her mouth to the largest puddle of female cum I had seen in a while.  She began lapping at the puddle of girl cum like a dog. Katrina and I  pet her head like an animal and crawled off the bed.


”That’s it Mommy, be a good Mommy and clean up your mess.” This was a side to Katrina I had not known existed.


As I sat on the side of my bed, Katrina walked over to me, snuggled her legs between mine and looked deeply into my eyes as she draped her arms around my neck to lean in.


"Ms. Mandy."


"Yes Katrina," I said as I also leaned in, our lips just a centimeter apart.


She brought her mouth to mine and kissed me, the lovely taste of her Mommy’s pussy still on her breath. “thank you for inviting me to Tea. Can we do it again, soon?”


“Katrina, my love, you are now my Pink Rose girl. That means we will be doing this again, and again, as often as I wish.”


“Pink Rose girl? What   is that?”


“You will find out soon enough, but for now, just understand that you are mine, my submissive, and you will do exactly what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it, and with whomever I tell you to do it with. Understand?”


“In her haze, she nodded and just closed the short distance between our lips for a deep kiss.


I broke our kiss and rested my forehead on hers. I fingered the small of her back where the tattoo of the rose would be placed later in the day and smiled.


 â€œHmm, I feel like some champagne and chocolate. How about you Katrina?”


The smile on her face was precious as she took my hand and led us back to the entertainment room to nibble, sip and chit chat.  That is how I broke in another Pink Rose girl into the Rose Community and started my Junior year at Vixen College. 


If you would like to read about the back-to-school Vixen College slumber party I have with Jasminea, Monique, Marci, Julie and Ashley as I begin my Junior year at Vixen College, continue on to Chapter 9. Wink.



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