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Thoughts from a drive home

Posted: 3 months ago - Dec 02, 2023

  I couldn't stop thinking about my dream on the ride home. Laying on a bed with nylon stockings on and a solid nylon covered erection 

standing straight and tall. To my right was a pile of loose nylons in different shades, they felt so good to the touch. I was reaching towards the tip of 

the shimmer of the nylon covered erection standing between my legs. It was tall and straight like a flagpole (unlike mine which is hand crafted with a 

slight curve to the left, lol). One just wanted to touch it. Especially, with the small stack of nylon stockings in my hand from my side. But before I got close 

enough to touch it, a small dark spot appeared at the tip. After a moment, a small shiny line crawled down the top towards me about 1/2 inch long. Sweet 

pre cum nectar was being produced but in my dream, I didn't lap it up like I do in real time. In my dream I caressed the underside of the two nylon surfaces 

together, just enough to feel the 2 nylon surfaces slide across each other. The nylons in my hand on top of the nylon covering my erection. My hard cock pulsed 

at the touch, more pre cum oozed out. Normally, I would have collected this sweet nectar for a taste. I wonder why I didn't? My already engulfed vessels upside 

my shaft, flexed and pulsated. I was extremely excited but, in the dream, after rubbing a little more firmly, nylons on nylon, just enough to cause a couple more 

pulses and engorgements to occur, I stopped and got up to look out the view of an open balcony. I felt wonderful and the view was a beautiful beach with an ocean 

breeze. Is that how good the edging felt? I can't wait to get home. 

 Once I got home, I unloaded the car of only what I needed. The rest would have to wait till a later time. I freshened up a bit and collected my supplies

needed for the next few hours, maybe even possibly late into the night depending on if I could stop or not, lol. Who would want to? It always felt so good, physically and mentally.

I went into my bedroom and pulled out my black, slightly shiny thigh high stockings, a pair of 5 in. shiny black patient mules, a pair of black nylon g string panties, 

my stainless steel cock ring and a short rolled up nylon to cover my hard erection. I think, like the dream, I will edge myself several times to feel that light 

rush of tingles that hits the brain when you don't finish right away. Then I'll continue to caress myself, to that point that you just can't hold it back any more, but you do.

Because you know the reward of several build ups will produce that mind blowing orgasm that has the power to shoot cum up and over your shoulder, or into your mouth if you're lucky. 

When I see that nylon turn shiny dark with precum soaking the tip of my pulsing, throbbing hard, nylon covered cock tonight, I pinch the tip just hard enough to squeeze 

out as much of that sweet nectar that I can and put it on my tongue. Mmmmmm . . .

  After a while, I'll go bare handed. I like to feel mysoft hands, with skin treated from a softened water and occasional lotion, put their touch onto me. For an added touch of 

enticement I hold my beautiful long legs out in front of me. I have a reading light that is adjustable. It is like a wide spotlight. I point it at the ceiling and my 

nylon covered legs with heels on. The ceiling throws off an ambient soft glow of light. I look down my straight leg, taking in every look and feel of them right down to 

the toes. I reach up and run both hands the entire length of each shiny black stockinged leg. Further enjoying the feel of the touch that these stockings have. I feel each 

leg with a slight massage. The feeling is wonderful. When I go back to my main attention, I bring in my feet together so I can get a closer look at those shiny, almost 

black mirror like shiny mules I have on. I love seeing my toes sticking out the front. I love my legs and feet. I think they are very attractive. I'm getting the view of 

my hands stroking my hard cock with my feet and heels right behind for a background enticement. This view turns me on immensly. My favorite view is 

where I will hold them while my lover stirs me around a bit with her special mixing stick. Legs slightly bent with toes pointed. I can almost feel the penetration, it's 

making me so hard. I am starting to feel that tingly sensation again. From every touch of my hand straight to my brain. Every slight caress or touch has me pulsing and flexing. 

I very softly caress my shaft up and down, careful not to take me over the edge. I swear I can feel the chemicals move through my body up to my brain. It's a small taste for 

what's to cum. I'm getting closer to the edge. I am horny.

  A large drop of pre cum drips onto my leg as I type this. As I wipe it up with my finger and taste my sweetness, I grab my half stiffened cock and milk it for a couple 

more tastes. Each drop caught between my 2 fingers lightly pinching my tip. More is dripping out. I love that it is warm to my tongue, that enhances the sweet taste. 

Didn't we all wish we could suck our own cocks? I'm sure we all tried to and some still do. Good news for me, I often have dreams of sucking myself off and it is wonderful 

every time. I can almost feel it in my mouth as my right hand massages it's way around the head and my left hand softly touches my balls as split fingers round each side 

of the base of my shaft, constricting the blood flow to make me even harder. Bare handed, skin on skin. It's such a soft feel. When I have milked out my shaft length of all 

the pre cum for the moment, I go back to covering it up with the rolled up nylon stocking. I unroll it more and more as I grow. When I tuck it back in under my nylon panties, 

I slide it back and forth, rubbing the underside of my oh so sensitive nylon covered hard cock against the nylon fabric of my panties. The sensation is incredible. If you are 

reading this and you haven't tried this, do it. You can thank me later, lol. Those of you that have, know what I'm talking about . . . ;)   


  After writing this and bringing myself to 2 wonderful orgasms, I dreamed of being with another CD last night. They were setting back on a lounge style chair with their 

legs out towards me. Wearing thigh highs and heels with a wig and make up on. A shiny satin light colored top finished off the ensemble. I didn't hesitate to move

when I noticed their erect cock beckoning me. It wasn't a large one, about 6 inches and thin. But, it was standing tall and enticing me with it's charm. I moved in on it 

and took it into my mouth and down my throat for as far as it would go. It was almost immediately that they started to cum. I kept everything in my mouth as they shot their load into

my mouth. It tasted somewhat sweet like my own pre cum. I swallowed as I still sucked on their entire cock still in my mouth. Typing this has made me hard again and given me 

another sweet sampling of that wonderful nectar. Milking my cock brings out 2, now 3 more doses for me to enjoy. I strain my neck knowing there is no way at this point in 

my life that I could get my own cock into my mouth, but still I try. If someone were with me now, I would truly enjoy licking and sucking their cock right now. 

Oh my, the feelings are back, lol.

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