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Burglar to Sissy in One Night

Posted: 5 months ago - Sep 12, 2023
For 20 years I was a burglar and made a good living at it.One night I was out to break into the next house.This house was very large. As I jimmy the window in the kitchen and slid on in, dressing all in black.As I walked around the first floor, lo...Read More


Posted: 5 months ago - Sep 11, 2023
Melissa is crawling through cathi open bedroom window, As Melissa Struthers on the floor over to the foot of cathi bed.Melissa is wearing nylons and a garter belt with a Teddy all in black so cathi can't see her in the dark bedroom.And then Meliss...Read More


Posted: 5 months ago - Sep 11, 2023
I just got off of work. It was a long hot day..Went into the bar down the street for a beer.Walk up to the bar and sit down. There was a Hot and sexy woman next to me. I could see that she was wearing nylons and a garter belt.She said, "Do you lik...Read More

Bos linda adalah seorang admin

Posted: 6 months ago - Sep 01, 2023
By: tianakania
Bos linda adalah seorang admin yang sangat ramah dan baik dengan sejuta pengalaman dalam dunia digital marketing. Sudah juga terbukti banyak member yang menggunakan jasa dari bos linda tentu saja merasa puas atas hasil yang di dapatkan. Perlu juga kali...Read More

Homemade E-Gel

Posted: 6 months ago - Aug 09, 2023
By: JosieFaeChild
100ml Aloe Vera 25ml Isopropyl Alcohol (acts as a dissolver for the E and a penetration enhancer) 15ml Orange Oil(Limonene, acts as a penetration enhancer as well) 5ml Lavender Essential Oil(For smell and possibel penetration enhancer) 5ml Extra Virgi...Read More

Crossdressing Clothing Style

Posted: 7 months ago - Jul 30, 2023
By: Lucyslips
Going from M to CD, or Tran, or Female is not easy, and there are lots of challenges. For example if you have a very wide chest, broad shoulders then finding the correct bra size is going to be difficult. When you have no hips certain looks dont look g...Read More

WARNING to all who read this..

Posted: 7 months ago - Jul 14, 2023
By: MARCUS19702
In to better judgement to members here who insist of posting fake profile photos claiming to be themselves, where is the common decency?Where are the sense of being honest? There are good members here who been imposters of fake photos of themselves. ...Read More


Posted: 8 months ago - Jul 06, 2023
By: PnlpePtstp
Badges? We don't need no stinking badges.Read More


Posted: 8 months ago - Jun 08, 2023
By: sissyfagleah
This picture shows me, JEFFREY ROSSMAN, as the sissy faggot I really am. I live in southwest CONNECTICUT. People who know me in the real world have never known my real feelings but now I am coming out to admit that, yes, I am a sissy faggot. It is...Read More


Posted: 9 months ago - Jun 02, 2023
By: KrissyRoqs
Hi im Krissie roqs and i'm new here. im hoping to make lots of friendsRead More

Remember when...

Posted: 9 months ago - May 28, 2023
By: MARCUS19702
When the world was cookie cut?And how boring things were?Suddenly, it isbrand new world and I giess we have to deal with it in order to survive!Read More

Welcome to my forbidden blog. The one that gets me banned from sites. Lol

Posted: 9 months ago - May 20, 2023
By: BigdaddyJ23
Well I'm here right now I'm going to pull this up on my computer so I can actually type it with a keyboard however just chilling here feeling on my profile never knew about this site it's pretty fresh I'm pretty excited and I'm sitting here watching so...Read More


Posted: 10 months ago - Apr 27, 2023
By: kudaponi
slot bonus new member 100 persen Situs Via Pulsa Slot Online Deposit 10ribu 5000 Resmi dan TerlengkapSlot deposit pulsa adalah pilihan yang mudah dan cepat bagi pemain yang ingin memulai permainan slot online tanpa harus melakukan transfer bank atau me...Read More

room delete

Posted: 10 months ago - Apr 21, 2023
By: kayleefla
i have do many chat rooms i want to delete how do i remove themRead More

Thread using red ropes t

Posted: 10 months ago - Apr 18, 2023
By: newzealande
Thread using red ropes to tie three models together. In the end we're not quite certain what the I-S write and his photographer friend thought about the SM scene but I am sure we made their evening interesting. Auckland escortsRead More

-S, Singapore's lifestyle magazin

Posted: 10 months ago - Apr 17, 2023
By: japanesco
-S, Singapore's lifestyle magazine, wanted to find out if Singapore was a boring place to live in. They sent their reporter to checkout the local SM scene. We did promise I-S that their reporter will be tied up with his job. Fukuoka be...Read More

How to be obedient/ good sissy slave

Posted: 10 months ago - Apr 12, 2023
By: Lover4u
How to be obedient good sissy slaveRead More

It was the first the BDSM

Posted: 11 months ago - Mar 26, 2023
By: newzealandesc
It was the first the BDSM meet in for the Shanghai BDSM group for 2009. It started out a little slow. Mistress Fifi and Nicole were afraid that due to the Lunar New Year golden week, they would be the only two kinksters there. Hamilton escorts nea...Read More


Posted: 11 months ago - Mar 17, 2023
By: brittanykitty7
hi to everyone interested in getting to know me. I’m an artist and a musician living in the Hayes Valley area of San Francisco. I’m a proud San Francisco native. I love to travel and have been around the world, and travelled through Australia as a ...Read More

Selling off my clothes

Posted: 12 months ago - Feb 27, 2023
By: DianePantyhose
Hey everyone....this may come as a shock to those who I have become friends with, but I am selling off my entire wardrobe and getting out of CDing. I have had some long talks with people and it isn't about feeling guilt or anything like that. I am just...Read More


Posted: 1 year ago - Dec 10, 2022
By: Diana1k
Since 2018, I moved to a new area and reconnected with many work friends from years ago. Also, in 2016 I ran for mayor of kenosha, wi the first Trans mayoral candidate in the Midwest and US. A radio station and a newspaper, the Wisconsin Gazette suppor...Read More


Posted: 1 year ago - Dec 06, 2022
By: jiasuhela
Bermain game online zara4d memang sangat menyenangkan dan sangat menghibur guna mengisi waktu luang namun untuk saat ini permainan online sangat di gemari karena bisa menghasilkan pundi pundi rejeki yang menjanjikan. Bermain dengan menyalurkan hobi itu...Read More


Posted: 1 year ago - Dec 06, 2022
By: intananjani
Menghilangkan rasa bosan yang berkepanjangan dengan bermain game online sangat menarik apa lagi ditambah bisa menghasilkan. Bermain sesuka hati melupakan beban pikiran dengan bermain online arta4d dan tentunya jangan sampai salah memilih wadah atau tem...Read More


Posted: 1 year ago - Dec 06, 2022
By: anjimarkunki
Situs nero4d terbaik terpercaya dan terlengkap dengan hanya 1 akun bisa dimainan untuk semau jenis permainan yang tersedia tentunya sangat aman dan amanah. Karena hal tersebut yang sangat perlu diterapkan agar player tidak salah memilih wadah atau temp...Read More
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